Anybody who has been inside the PSVR section of the PSN Store has bound to have seen Mortal Blitz at one point.  If you need to refresh your memory, this is the store icon.


I bet you remember it now.  More specifically, you remember that mascot.  Her name is Rachael, by the way and she doesn’t need your judgement right now because lives are at stake. Anyways…

Every time I saw that mascot, I kept thinking; “What the fuck is up with her battle attire?” and then my Gamer-self takes over; “Shut up, Jay. It’s Fantasyland!”

I decide to buy it.  If I’m disappointed, nobody has to know and it isn’t too expensive. Why not? There aren’t a ton of VR titles available so I decided to pick it up.  Here’s what I thought.

Mortal Blitz is one of those stationary Move™ controller games where you teleport around.  The game is essentially point and shoot for the first three stages.  What makes this game fun is the Bulletstorm-esque tether you have to pull dazed enemies towards you (in slow motion) and unload on them for a nifty multiplier that gives you bonus health and points.

While moving from point to point, it is wise to utilize the cover mechanics given to you. If you can physically put yourself behind an in-game object, that’s probably the wisest choice because enemies charge in and bombard you with bullets. While in cover, you can utilize a bit of blind fire to take care of pesky heavily armored soldiers.

The last two stages are where the game shines a bit more.  Are you ready to get physical? Cover only helps out so much now.  You’re going to have to enter the Matrix™ and channel your inner Neo because you’re going to now have to dodge projectiles.  Get ready to lean and duck, Baby!

You’ll need to find a nice groove to survive the later stages or else you’ll end up getting roasted. There are four other weapons that pop up along the way but once you deplete their ammo, they are gone until you find them again.  You’ll come across shotguns, miniguns and rocket launchers to spice things up.

Once you are finished (or before you start) the campaign, there are 50 training missions for you to tackle.  You will probably crush the first 30 and then want to rip your eyes out at some point during the last 10. But… still fun.

You could easily spend a dozen hours or so simply playing the campaign on repeat.  It’s just silly fun with nothing huge at stake other than messing up a potential high score.  I’ve completed all 50 training stages and I’m midway through my 3rd run of the campaign so this little game does have replay value in it.  Additionally, the developer made an in-game promise that updates would also have additional gameplay content at some point so … fingers crossed.

But as you play Mortal Blitz… one question will always haunt you.

“What the fuck is up with her battle attire?” “Shut up, J! It’s Fantasyland.”