First thing: Ask yourself; “Did I play this game without the PS Aim controller?” If the answer is “Yes. I played this game without the PS Aim controller.”, then either play it with the PS Aim controller or kill yourself.

Having said that, I wish to make it absolutely crystal clear that this game should only be played with the PS Aim controller until something can be done to improve the throwing arc linked to the Dualshock 4 controller, which is absolute garbage.

Second thing: There need to be some sort of accessibility controls to move using the control sticks instead of leaning to one side or the other.

Now that I’ve gotten the prerequisites out of the way..


Welcome to Special Delivery (Stealth Paper Boy VR), an arcade style game where you play as a newspaper delivery-person with short hair and a baseball cap.  The goal is to deliver your stash of papers to all the subscribers before you die.

Look, we can pretend that getting hit by a car or sucked up into a tornado is all fun and games but we need to be honest… you’re dodging death at every turn on your paper run. A stray dog starts chasing you as a rogue protester forces you to detour in the path of a tornado as a building collapses.  That’s when you see it… Death, complete with scythe and hoodie.  Death is on your ass Paper-kid. DEATH IS ON YOUR ASS!

Avoiding getting killed is a little difficult.  I recommend going slow.  Ride the brake and stick to the sidewalk.  You will die.  OH YES! YOU WILL DIE! Touching anything, kills you (except picking up newspapers) so avoid touching anything.  OH, did you hit that fire hydrant? Well don’t let the water touch you because you will die.  It is difficult staying alive.

If you manage to avoid the obstacles and deliver enough papers the first week, your reward is a ridiculously hard “boss battle” and a route expansion for another week with more death chasing your ass!

The key, is getting good enough to survive long enough to deliver enough papers.  The key to getting good is the PS Aim controller which allows for more control.  Do you have the PS Aim controller and need another game to use it on now that you’re done with Farpoint? I can recommend that you give this a shot.  $9.99 is definitely a fair price if you’re willing to put in enough effort needed to develop the basic skills needed to complete each level.

Yes the game is tough but it is rewarding.  Cheating Death always is.