(I shouldn’t have to say this but…. To be clear, this isn’t real.
Also, http://www.TheJadedGamer.ca is now my personal blog where I will be posting shenanigans like this… YMB will focus more on reality. For now, enjoy brain droppings from my imagination)

It wasn’t so long ago that Justin Bieber and the Furher of the 3rd Reich fought.  Bieber ended up winning mainly by endurance.  His youthful vigor was simply too much for Hitler.  However, recently the Biebz addressed rumors about his victory.

While visiting the planet of Dejaa Prime several months ago, Justin was addressing the crowed when a fan asked if he’d give Hitler a rematch because many believed it to be a fluke.

“I can’t believe people don’t think I could actually beat Hitler.” he paused before adding, “So I thought I’d go back to, Earth and do it one more time to be sure,”

The crowd erupted into thunderous applause.  Fast Forward to just moments ago when the duel took place.

Their previous fight took place in a prison.  This time, Justin and Adolf wanted more people to witness the feud.  The Boardwalk Hall shall half to do.

Bieber looked relaxed.  Hitler looked determined.  The two entered the ring, touched gloves and Hitler landed an early staggering blow.

However, that would be the only real shot Hitler would land because Justin would not only go on to win, but dominate.  After recovering from the staggering blow, Justin landed a retaliation punch that would turn H-Bomb’s legs into wet noodles.

Hitler backed away and tried to circle the Big Bad Stratford Savage but Justin still had his wits about him.  He lands a devastating straight left hand.

Hitler wouldn’t get up without assistance and couldn’t stay standing longer than a few seconds.  He barely stood up long enough to watch the referee raise his opponents hands.  Unlike the end of the previous fight, the audience was always on Bieber’s side.

“There will be more fights.  I’ll take any challenger.  Who knows, maybe Marshall Mathers A.K.A Eminem might want to revitalize his album sales and feel young again rumbling with Bieber”

The gauntlet has been thrown down.

By The Jaded Gamer