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Ladies and gentlemen above the age of 17! Allow me to announce my 2014 GAME OF THE YEAR!

South Park: Stick of Truth

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(PS3 version was used for review)


This game is hilarious from beginning to end.  Almost every screen or audio clip has a reference, a joke or some vulgarity that will set up or complete a joke.  The jokes are usually very juvenile in nature and would probably offend a lot of people.  However, fans of South Park will not be disappointed.  The game feels as if it is a complete season of South Park wrapped neatly in a box but without network censorship.

The game itself explores and develops unexpected characters like Jimmy and Butters but making them playable.  The first time you utilize Butters as Professor Kaos is quite a moment and laughing at Jimmy the Bard as he stutters through hilarious songs is very memorable as well.

Jimmy Bard

With every scene the developers up the ante on pushing the limits of what is offensive.  The game starts off with racial jokes depending on your character, escalates into sex jokes and nude characters, but then before you know it you’re getting an abortion and fighting off Nazi fetuses.  It doesn’t go from 0 – 60 very fast but once you reach top speed, you may not even realize how fast things got out of control.

On top of everything the game does right… magic is also a series of different types of farts.  My personal favorite is the “Fart in a cup” which you can throw.  It is essentially farting in your hand and chucking it across the playfield but it never ever got old to me.  Plus farting on your enemy to daze them before you fight is a stroke of genius.

The Underpants Gnomes, Crab people, Mr. & Mrs. Hankey, Al Gore, Terrence and Phillip, The Duke and Duchess of Canada, Aliens that Moo and much much more take this game and put it on the top shelf.  It is the South Park game we not only deserve, but the one we’ve needed since they started making them.

Great job South Park Studios and Obsidian!

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