Chasing the Dragon is a reference to drugs.  “Brown Dragon” is what I call heavily caffeinated coffee. Some people call it the “Brown Serpent” or something.  ANYWAYS! If you got ten minutes to spare I can take you on a magical journey.  Ready?

It all started when I woke up and decided to double brew some coffee…

Firstly! If you have health or heart problems, DO NOT DOUBLE BREW YOUR COFFEE, EVER! You see me in snippits acting a fool and think “I’ll try that!” … Don’t be a moron.  This can lead to irregular heartbeats, anxiety attacks or even diarrhea.

Anyways! I noticed it was Friday, checked twitter and the usual suspects who tell you Saturday through Thursday that they don’t give a fuck, chose to chime in on Friday to confirm that indeed they still do not give a fuck.  Soooooo…. I chimed in

I had such great fun, I decided to open up to Facebook and get some requests.  First up was college buddy we call Optimus Prime (O.P) who wanted to know what I thought about Square-Enix.  By this point I am riding the “Brown Dragon” into the mid-day sky.

Serious questions from fellow podcasters Lunchbox and TayREL (SKIMpod / A Podcalled Cast) came through.  They wanted to know my perspective on patches/updates/install sizes vs Hard Drive size and Amiibos/Toys to Life.

If you want me to answer your questions leave them on my Facebook page or Tweet them at me!

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