Metal Gear Survivor impression

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Mehtal Gear

This game released to mixed reviews. It’s not like this game is top tier amazing but I cannot say it is a bad game.  The problem is… I played this game the wrong way for a while. However, after plugging about 10-20 hours into it, I think I can give some impressions.  Apparently… 10-20 hours is more than enough time to get through the plot.  Like I said, I’m playing this game the wrong way.

See… I heard a crazy rumor that it was a survival game… and it is… for single-player sadists. I thought… like in most survival games, I thought they would drop me into a world and I could just fool around with the “story” just being breadcrumbs to give me some sort of arc.  I also thought the structures you place in the open world would stay put after I leave and they…

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Justin Bieber beats Hitler in a fistfight – But it was close.

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Depending on who you ask, Justin Bieber is either a mischievous heartthrob singer or a vile douchebag no matter what he does.   His voice can pump you up, soothe your soul or reacquaint you with the lunch you had earlier.  Hello, ham sandwich.  But I digress…

Bieber has done a lot recently to clean up his image.  He yearns to go back to the days of innocence and wholesomeness. However, the move has done absolutely nothing to dissuade his haters. He gathered the media in the lobby of his 10.8 Million dollar Los Angeles Mansion to speak on this recently;

“It really stinks, yanno.  I did my hardest to clean up my image, you know what I’m sayin, I’m reborn. Know what I’m sayin’? Big ups to J-Star who died for our sins.  I ask myself every day ‘What Would J-Unit Do?’ and he told me to do what he…

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Dude, I called it: Final Fantasy VII Remake Finally Happens

I told you gamers would make the remakes everybody wants all by themselves if developers did not comply… or at least in this case created within LittleBigPlanet 2.  Yeah, I may have mind bleeped you if you are the type to constantly search for news on any indication that Square will make a Final Fantasy VII remake.  Rest assured they will… at some point…. just not today so live free and die hard.

However, TheJamster1992, in the spirit of “I’m done waiting, I’ll make it myself” took it upon himself to somehow recreate Final Fantasy VII within the confines of LittleBigPlanet 2.   Click this link for the easiest methods of kickstarting your journey into the remake.  Simply login to your PSN account and click the “Queue button”, Otherwise read on…

Sure other sites have reported on it already but, well, they just throw up Jamster’s video of the initial mission.

Write two sentences about the game and call it information.  I wish I had these outlets on speed dial because I’d be rich if I knew it was so easy to phone it in.

That’s just a joke, son.

But when a remake happens.  Do we not have a few comparison shots strewn about the page.  Oh look…

LBPFF7Remake1 LBPFF7Remake2 LBPFF7Remake3


Sorry, thought I had more.  This is what we call being unprepared, folks.

This remake spans 31 levels in total.  Each level clearly represents a meaty chunk of the game because the first level took me at least ten minutes to clear, maybe longer.    In addition to this being practically Final Fantasy 7 distilled into LittleBigPlanet form, the soundtrack to the game accompanies the action on screen.  This feels like Bizzaro World.

There is no point “reviewing” this fantastic fan project. It is a labor of love. To criticise it would be no different than critiquing the noodles on the macaroni necklace your child gives you.  You know what it is, you know what it represents.  It is made of dried pasta and string but it is beautiful.  That’s what this whole project is.  A fan’s heart, on a plate, ready for the world to play.  It is fun.

I will say that these levels are definitely aimed at somebody who has played Final Fantasy VII.  Protip, be persistent and not Judgey Judy because the nostalgia you will feel on this trip is actually pretty pleasant.

For those looking for it inside LittleBigPlanet 2, here is the exact level name with the odd author name. (Which is why I made it easier for you guys to find)




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Comic Strategies: Gathering Resources in State of Decay

I just discovered State of Decay.  I don’t know why it took me so long to discover it.  I thought it was a different type of game.  I didn’t know there was so much focus on establishing a homefront and leveling up survivors.  One of my biggest sticking points is the drop of morale and how sloppy resource management can be way more time consuming than it needs to be.   For instance it takes Lily 10 minutes to find a specific resource, then you waste precious time locating it only to find it is more than one rucksack’s worth of stuff, so you call in the scavengers which may or may not need assistance.

I’ve heard this complaint a few times, so here is something to do while Lily waits for the location of your resources.

Page_1 Page_2 Page_3 Page_4 Page_5


With the addition of your back, you should have 7 slots for bringing back the resource crates. Here is the TL:DR

  • Spawn in
  • Get lily to look for resources
  • Mark your map with waypoint to “???” location for resources
  • Take proper gear. (Recommended: Loaded silenced gun, sturdy melee weapon, 3-4 Painkillers / 3-4 snacks / 1 Stamina boost)
  • Find Truck or Station Wagon (6 Heavy Duty Slots)
  • Drive to waypoint.
  • Park close enough to the door to make quick exit.
  • Load each resource crate you find into your vehicle one by one.
  • Move to a new location.
  • Continue to move to potential resource sights and load the crates into your vehicle until Lily calls or you are full.
  • Go home, enjoy the morale boosts and not fear survivors will randomly die or go missing.

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First Impression: Borderlands The Pre-Sequel!

SPOILER:  Light spoilers may follow.  Or they may not. No heavy ones though


The formula for Borderlands is simple, take a comedic plot with four classes of heroes, add enough interesting enemies for them to kill long enough to hit the level cap and enough loot to satisfy the grind.  Each game does not stray too far from the established idea of an Action RPG.  Each class has a special ability and numbers still shoot out of your opponent when damage is done.

Oh, and there is still epic amounts of loot.  The loot is still as much of a blessing as it is a curse so upgrade your backpack early because you will be carrying a lot of crap.


I am not sure how big the moon of Pandora is, yet.  A lot of the moon looks the same to my untrained eyes. In some ways, this is an alternate version of Pandora. The gravity is slightly different, the enemies are different, the doctor of medicine and provider of transportation is different.  Even your ally, Jack is different.  He is most definitely trying to do the heroic thing and save the moon.  Though, a few hours in, it is easy to see his turn to a villain become more and more likely.


I wish I knew how much actual real estate exists within The Pre-sequel because it feels just as significant as a sequel as Borderlands 2 was.   There are new concepts to explore, such as traversing the moon’s surface.  The gravity is different and a new piece of gear called an Oz tank is needed to survive outside for an extended time.  The Oz tank also allows you to glade through the air or perform a “stomp” attack.  Some Oz tank will offer bonuses to these abilities.  That is all part of the fun of loot.


The characters seem just as over the top as they did in other Borderlands games.  Though, without ruining anything, there is a more attention paid to things like homophobia without getting preachy.  [Side note: One day this type of content will be so common there would be no reason to note it.]  There has not been a character as memorable as Tina or as interesting as Jack but every unfamiliar face belongs in the Borderlands universe.  Of course, I’m not that far.

My only gripe is the lonely feeling that still haunts this series.  There is always nothing but empty space between me and my objectives.  The time I spend traversing these empty spaces changes when I can drive a buggy, but they are large empty spaces populated by enemies I gain little benefit by stalking.  Maybe there is a loot spawn tucked away in one of the corners but for the most part I’m moving through the empty, hollow, soulless space in silence until I reach my objective.


My other gripe is loading into zones.  They are no less frustrating or frequent.  There is no use complaining about them.  They are something I had hoped I would not deal with after being freed from them in Destiny.  The load-in sequences are not very long but every Borderlands fan understands that when they see their objective marker at the edge of a map, they are in for a little bit of a wait.

I did not realize how much I might have wanted another Borderlands game, but this one is hitting the spot real nice.

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