The Mysterious E3 Revealed

Going to try and  sum up everything I seen from the major conferences on day one..

First Bethesda

Doom – From what I seen Doom is quite the fast paced doom ass game with big fucking guns and lots of gore and exploding flesh demons. Also ripping off arms and kicking them down an Imps throat… yes that happened.


Elder Scrolls Legends – Do you like Hearthstone? Fan of Gwent? Then I think if you have fandom for Elder scrolls this game will be up your alley.


Dishonored 2 – Male or kick ass female… Multiple ways to play out this game like first. Hard to say much about this game right now. First game was a good building block to something greater, which we hope this is it.


Fallout 4 – We have a date, a mobile game, an in game building editor and much much vast and fuller world….. enough said.




Second Microsoft

Backwards compatibility – yes 360 games will work on your Xbox One. 100 so far with more to come. Awesome.

New Elite Controller – Pc compatible, adjustable trigger, swappable taller analog sticks, switch out the d-pad and a $150 price tag.


Halo 5 – Bigger and more cinematic. Also the, dude from Firefly and showed off Warzone coop mode…. Halo fans will be pleased.


ReCore – New Inafuni game, looks like pixar movie set in a post apocalypse world. Cute robot dog too.


Forza 6 – New Ford GT was lowered from the ceiling. The seem to finally be adding and weather and hopefully night driving.. Great series.


Dark Souls III – Just a CG teaser. I can wait.


Rare Replay Collection – A collection of 30, yes 30 rare classics with a hefty 10000 gamer score attached to the bullet points.


Mincraft Halolens supported – This demo was nuts…. a guy watched a lady play in mindcraft using the AR headset. Using a big table, the game was 3d projected on to the table and he could track and manipulate what he wanted to see while she played in real time. Need to watch this video to see what I mean,… Cool AR shit.


Rise of The Tomb Raider – They showed a demo climbing a huge mountain face and of course things going awry. Lots of gorgeous scripted events that showcased the graphics and style of the game. ended with a montage of some actual tomb raider. Stoked.


Gears 4 – Dark, Windy and full of terror, and the sound of chainsaws. We thought it was done… and we were wrong. Time to put the bandanna back on.


Third Electronic Arts

Star Wars Battlefront – Do you like battlefield? Do you like Star Wars? Well I think you have your answer, that simple. One of the best sounding games at any show this week. And some guy did say Skywater.


Need for Speed – the definitive edition? really? More customization and flare that the older games had. Seems to be a hybrid of Underground era mixed with new Criterion games racing styles.


Mass Effect Andromeda – Just a teaser. But a promising one. Galaxy maps, N7 badges and a vehicle representation similar to the Mako tearing up new surfaces. Set in a new Galaxy is hard to wrap my head around, but I have faith in Bioware.


Mirrors Edge Catalyst – Looks like a very polished game with high speed parkour and hand to hand combat all done in first person. Sure they have learned a lot from the first game, and fans do want this one.


FIFA16 – I am a huge FIFA fan. seems like they have worked more on the player engines for defensive and attacking, which is needed. The addition of the women national teams. And a mode that helps you on the pitch to show you what to do in situations.


Fourth Ubisoft

For Honor – New IP, seems to be a mix of a dynasty warriors mixed with a bit of a moba maybe? there are npc grunts to mow down when you want to control zones and take out other heroes. Games main attraction is the unique swordplay. Ubi claims this is a new genre on its on… We will see.


The Division – We have a date now, and were shown an area called the dark zone. The team worked their way through the city to grab some loot and level up. Met up with some other people and gunned it out for extra loot. Called in a left out and ended up getting greedy and turning on each other for more unique loot and gear I assume.. I just want to see more. Beta with pre order.


Rainbow Six Siege – We found at the game has a top tier actress, which I can only assume that means there is a single player component. Also they brought back terrorist hunt and showed that off with live stage demo. Beta with pre order.


AC Syndicate – Male and Female leads, both unique styles and weapons. hard to tell what was game play and what was CG. Looked clean and crisp. Has a gang building experience like brotherhood did but more realized. cars?


Ghost Recon Wildlands – GR is back but not how you remember it.. I was a huge GRAW fan. Hyper realistic to some degree. Seems like they are turning to a new look for GR. Open world mercenary style game with full co op support. And a lot of coke apparently, watch the trailer.


Fifth SONY

The Last Guardian – yes it is real and looks fantastic.


Horizon: Zero Dawn – Life well well past the Apocalypse. Something that really hasn’t been done. Guerrilla games has finally dumped Killzone and moving and a fresh new direction. Robot dinosaurs and chicks with bows. I am in.


Street Fighter V – SFV looks like a hyped up version of 4, only 6 character have been announced and seems like they are taking their time with this PS exclusive.

maxresdefault (1)

No Mans Sky – The most ambitious game ever conceived. These couple people developing and trying to make this universe a reality are truly modern wizards. Hard to see how this will pan out in the end, Something I have trouble explaining to people, just watch the presentation.


Dreams – Media Molecule is making a ….. I don’t know what to call this… you can do anything you dream of. Make paintings, movies, puppet shows and more…


Final Fantasy 7 Remake – People want it, stop bitching cause its coming one day. There is a whole lot of game to be remade here. Quite the task is all I have to say.


Shenmue 3 – Another game people been asking for since the death of the Dreamcast. They came on stage to announce they would be looking for money of kickstarter. 2 million bones to be exact.. The fact that they raised 1.3 or so in a couple hours seems like people really really need this. No idea.


Playstation Vue – DO you want to just pay for one channel? and not buy stupid packages? This could be a cable killer. My only hope is that this comes to Canada please!!!

Uncharted 4 – Besides the hicup in the feed, the amount of detail in that demo was mind blowing….. simple as that. I want.


This is just to sum up day zero and one of the presentations. I have to say I was impressed with the amount of games in development, and especially that big developers taking risks with new IPs. Tons of games, competition and it’s all good to be a gamer in 2015.

Wesley J



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