Along my internet travels, I stumbled upon this great time killer.  Behold! MiniDayZ!

Bohemia Interactive has created a free-to-play game for your browser that mimics DayZ on a smaller scale.  Their website describes MiniDayZ:

“Based on DayZ SA, the critically acclaimed open-world survival horror MMO by Bohemia Interactive, MINIDAYZ is a 2D top-down game, where you must fight for survival in a harsh post-apocalyptic landscape. Search for the food and supplies needed to stay alive, keep clear of the ever-lurking zombies, and always be vigilant of the other desperate survivors.”

It is a pretty nifty game as well.  Recently the game was updated to include up to 20 people for multiplayer.

Here is a gallery of images in you are interested.

If you are sold already you can download the game >HERE!<

I’m going to give it a try a little later and see how much of the DayZ Standalone made it into MiniDayZ!

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