PSN Now Prices are looking more attractive…

Not too long ago, I reported on the prices for Sony’s gaming service being too high.


While this is still true…. it should be noted that there are actually plenty games with attractive prices.

Many games are falling into the $7.99 for 30 day range with the odd one hitting $14.99 for the 30 day range.  I don’t know what the specifics are but the prices are clearly starting to even out a little. 20150411042303

I remember this was closer to $30 during the beta.  Wasn’t it?


And if you only intend to play this game once over a weekend, this option might be cheaper on your wallet.


Personally, I missed out on this game the first time around and really do not want it sitting on my hard drive… but I think I can get through it in 90 days.

I don’t know guys… should I give up my self imposed boycott of Playstation Now?

The Jaded Gamer
Twitter: @IamFN2K


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