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I do a podcast now. Just me and a mic ranting.

Rated J: The Podcast



Listen. Downloads below.

29. Jaded and the great debate about the wasted state of manhood (Download)

It’s an all-you-can-eat buffet of topics ranging from institutionalized racism to pastafarianism among other things like giving cats heart attacks and having dinner with the person who was the catalyst to everything that is comedy in my world.

28. Jaded and the heart to heart from hell (Download)

The Jaded Gamer wants to know what you would do if your significant other destroyed your Fallout 4 disc, rants against xenophobia in his backyard and wonders who is still calling people with Down Syndrome terrible things?

27. The Jaded Gamer is Knee Deep in Clam Sauce (Download)

The Jaded Gamer tackles Fanmail, Hatemail and Females among other things like karma and breaking public property.

26. Wine, Roses and Plan B with Jay-Gee. (Download)

The Jaded Gamer discusses Paul Bernaro’s e-book (‘sup America?), The Starbucks Cup & the Rousey fight among other things like his fun gambling addiction and FALLOUT 4!

25. You’re not pregnant – Jaded is Late. (Download)

Jaded rants about Tim Horton’s, where you get your morality and letting babies hold live hand grenades among other things like his latest appearance on Stays Krunchy In Milk and never addresses the fact that he sat in piss.

24. To the girl with the Tri-Force Tattoo; Jaded sat in piss (Download)

Jaded rants about being harassed, living in Toronto and sitting in piss among other things like feeling sorry for white people and TWO DICKS!

23. Berated Jaded & The X-Rated Caucasians (Download)

Jaded discusses his lack of game with Gamer girls, how he’d kidnap a kid and why men are allowed to sleep around… among other things like kidnapping children and being afraid of the moment your life turns into a Tarantino flick.

 22. Jaded’s Mulotto Munchies: Chicken Muffin, Joaquin Salad & SKIM

Fresh off his appearance on Stays Krunchy In Milk Podcast, Jaded discusses turning away the woman he’s falling for, the type of father he’ll be and actually weighs in on Deflate-gate among other things.

Shout outs to Tayrel713, Lunchbox and Gabe AKA SKIMPodfather for having me on and to Lord Tatum for making some room for me to be there.

21. Jaded Evacuation: Echoes of Derp (Download)

The Jaded one talks about the Herpaderps among other things like a Lion being shot in Africa, Diablo III , Kendall Jenner being a praying mantis & rich hot ass in Beverly Hills.

20. Jaded Proverb: Disgust does not own a compass (Download)

Jaded rants about Hate Sucking… among other things…. Like pains and hassles that come along with moving your life to a completely new location.

19. Jay Say: Can’t Go Crazy Twice

Jaded rants about going crazy among other things like the reaction to the death of Iwata and Tales of WHOA!

18. Hated Jaded: Go Side-chick yourself

Jaded rants on the Aftermath of his “trial” and tells ladies how to avoid becoming a “Voldemort”

17. Jaded on Trial: Free cookies and a mind spent outta pocket

In this extra special episode of Blossom, Jaded puts himself on trial because he was accused of being a bad boy by the notorious “Voldemort” (See Ep. #1,2,3) whom he thought he left behind like dog vomit in the grass.

16. Jaded on Fire (Download)

Jaded wallows in the aftermath created by him among other things like why he’s a half breed or bi-racial, not black, Fallout 4, The Taken King and Backwards Compatibility on Xbox One.

15. Jaded Empire: Killing Trophies & Smashing Dreams (Download)

Jaded rants about Rachel Whats-Her-Face and Politics in games among other things like the Cleveland Cavaliers and Trans-disabled people.

14. Jaded Hiatus: Mic Drop of Fate (Download)

Jaded discusses the various controversies he’s been stuck in the middle of over the years before he quits the show… and what he does next blew my mind!

13. JDHD & Ritalin Covered Waffles (Download)

Jaded talks a little about the games he’s playing.

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12. Super Jaded & The Wild Joaquins (Download)

Jaded takes a minute to give you a more realized version of The Good News before putting more serious issues on the table like at what point is the sex somebody else is having, your business?

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10 & 11. Djaded Unchained

Part 1: A thin common thread (Download)  Part 2: Social Dhampir (Download)

There’s a lot of discussion about racism because of a series of unfortunate events that keep occurring.  I grew up hundreds of miles away in undeniably better conditions but despite that you will notice a few common unifiers. In Part 2 I discuss being a half-breed hellraiser and the burden I carry from minorities as a result.

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9. Chronicles of Jaded: The Elusive Coochie (Download)

Jaded raves about British people saying “trousers”, parents documenting their kids lives and an update on his Facebook crush…Among other things like kids killing their parents, making “retarded” OK to say and once again reaffirming his willingness to make waffles. Please Help my mentor’s mom by checking this link: Help Sheila.

 8. Zombie Jaded & The Trigger Warning From Hell (Download)

The Jaded Gamer talks about the land of rape and honey, emotional bubble wrap and the offense defense… among other things. like Renner, Jenner and Strong.

7. I’m the guns of the Navarone. (Download)

The Jaded Gamer talks about being enraged, the most perfect breasts, Life is Strange and some of the hardest parts of being The Jaded Gamer…. among other things. Donate and Help My Mentor’s Mother Sheila.

6. I’m Superfly TNT! (Download)

Jaded talks about Chris Rock getting pulled over & Isaiah Washington’s take on it, SPOILERS!, stupid commuters and why you shouldn’t talk to him when his dick is in his hand…. among other things:

5. I’m a Mushroom Cloud Layin Mother F*****, Mother F*****!(Download)

Jaded talks about the news he’d like to see, people becoming wussies and making his crush waffles in the morning.

4. Oh, I’m sorry. Did I break your concentration? (Download)

The Jaded Gamer tells you why men are evil, talks about the gayest sweater in existence and what he thinks is going on with Hideo Kojima.

3. My word and my balls. (Download)

Jaded discusses his aforementioned date as well takes questions from social media.

2. Another Quaalude, She gonna love me again (Download)

The Jaded Gamer talks about Susan B. Anthony, Joan of Arc and Malala…. among other things involving women.

1. Say Hello To The Bad Guy (Download)

Jaded reintroduces himself and explains why real friends still talk on the phone, his confusion over GaymerX and his love of a certain Generic shooter.


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