It’s obvious things have slowed down a little around here.  Not to worry. The one we call The Jaded Gamer recently started a new job and has had a difficult time rationing free time and sleep management.

Wesker J has been recruited but he is currently on vacation so things have slowed down a little bit.  However, many wheels are turning behind the scenes as a result of focus being taken away from Your Momma’s Basement.

Jaded continues to work on the Hero Protagonist series.  That, for people who don’t know, is a series of 16-bit inspired throwback RPGs Jaded has been fostering for about 2 years.  He told me his ultimate vision for it and why it is taking so long and let’s just say there are pros and cons to being inspired by your real life when using it for gaming content.

Also, comics will start appearing more regularly here.  Not just the booklets that Jaded has done, but short strips in addition to more long form and even dramatic comics could appear.  Ideas are being thrown around.

Podcasts are being polished and will be uploaded soon.  Cut Jaded a little slack because a lot of this is on his back and considering his demanding work schedule, I’m surprised he hasn’t quit and handed the keys to somebody else.

Stay Tuned
YMB Staff