Dying Light: Combat Tips

I’m about to kick it old school and take it back to the playground. What I’m about to do is stupid and pointless because other sites and YouTubers probably have done it better.  However, in the spirit of an era in gaming where even if the internet existed it would be weeks or months before we’d ever see walkthroughs or any suitable tips online, I shall pass on my gameplay tips and tactics to you.

I’ve sank a lot of hours into Dying Light and I’m still not close to the end but I’m about 2/3 of the way through.  Oddly enough this game would have been made easier by including a manual swinging melee attack like what exists in Dead Island. It’s still a bit tougher to time automatic attacks because I am not in complete control but here are my tips for making the most of your life in Dying Light.  There will be a fair amount of focus on combat because making short work of zombies/enemies makes everything else you do a lot easier. There are quite a few moves that need to be unlocked and I’ll do my best to highlight those when I include the,

1. Early Combat

The weapons you get at first do nothing more than wear out fast. They do very little damage and are very ineffective. Until you learn something like [Dropkick] and/or [Vault] it is not wise to try and take on any more than two or three zombies.  During the early parts of the game I would mostly run by them taking the odd shots, very rarely would I try to kill them. If I cannot put a zombie to the ground in three to five hits at first then it is not worth risking health or damage.  Just run.  There will be plenty of time to cut down waves of zombies once you are capable.

2. Create Space

Even though I take a few bumps along the way, I’m able to clear out several dozen zombies by using a sweeping method.  I use weapons with a higher damage area and ones that do damage over time to thin out the heavy numbers.  Then I go to one end and sweep my way to the other, turn around and sweep back.  Every set I’ll seek out higher ground to look at the situation to reexamine where I should corral the zombies.  Combat like this is benefitted by having [Vault] and [Dropkick].  Additionally consider getting [Stomp] as soon as you can because when the “Viral” enemy type is in pursuit you can scale any object like a car or a garage roof and get a relatively simple instant kill with [Stomp].

3. Hit ’em fast and hard.

Humans are a different type of enemy in Dying Light.  They can take a direct axe chop to the face and not flinch.  Zombies will at least react to your damage and show signs of it.  Humans just absorb it as well as have the ability to dodge your attacks. Their ability to dodge sucks because it happens literally AFTER you press the attack button.  If they want to dodge your attack it is almost impossible to stop.  The most effective method is to storm them and catch them off guard.  Many times their own reaction animations will buy you more time to attack them so you can take them out.

4. At night, UV Light


You will be plagued by Volatiles at night.  They are everywhere.  They roam around stalking the grounds with no purpose other than to find you and kill you.  Your goal should be to keep as much distance between you and them as possible.  However, every once and a while you will probably get spotted.  Don’t just run, make sure you have the UV light equipped.  The UV light trumps any secondary weapon you have… even the grappling hook if you are thinking purely about survival.   The idea is to hit the Volatiles with the UV light…


… and keep on runnin’ sucka.   You also gain the ability to look behind you and use the UV light as you run.  The longer the pursuit, the more agility points you will rack up but kiss your nightly “Unnoticed” rank goodbye.

5. Break the guard & Keep Moving

Earlier I suggested to hit the humans as hard and as fast as possible.  Initially that will be tough and you will get into a scrap or two with them. A throwable secondary weapon like Throwing Stars, Military Knives and Throwing Axes are good ways to break a human enemy’s guard long enough to score a melee attack.  In Dead Island it was much better to root yourself during attacks because you could lock-on to the limb you were attacking to some degree.

6. Don’t forget about gravity.

I’ve seen a great deal of videos where prospective zombie hunters forget they are on roofs.  No need to constantly be degrading your weapons on roofs with zombies.  Let gravity do the work for you.


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