Square Enixs’ Play Arts Kai line of action figures has added a new snake to the list. The MGS V Phantom Pain figure line has been launched first with of course Big Boss aka Venom Snake. The figure was released in Japan only so far so I decided to treat myself to one over the holidays.


The infamous Big Boss is a solid masterpiece of melted plastics. The detail and weight is solid, to say the least. You can tell that Kojima takes pride in his sculpture artists to craft the very best recreations of his most beloved character. Like some other lines in the series you can see the quality control was not set in place i.e. Commander Shepard (Male). Like most Play Art figures Snake comes with multiple joints on his arms and legs, perfect for multiple sets of poses in any fashion. Snake comes well equipped with two sets of hands, two heads (one with the goggles), extra scarf, a pistol, a knife, a ak 47 (or variation of) and of course the iDroid. All hands and head pieces pop off with ease and easily swap-able. It is kind of scary when you first pop these pieces off, not so much the hands. The head for sure is on tight.


Snake comes with a holster for his knife on the back of his belt and a holster for his pistol. The assault rifle can be placed on his back by using the 2 leather straps from his uniform. All Play Arts figures come with a clear hexagon stand that with a back piece that can help you stand the figure up right. I have never used them, but is handy for some models that aren’t flat footed. The only disappointing thing about some of the MGS lines is that they are way bigger figures then others in the Play Arts lines. I guess that is not a biggy for most, but when you own a couple others figures, this one towers over the others. That being said this is a premium figure, not like the toys we grew up with. This puppy will cost you over hundred bucks to import, and will be released earlier in 2015.  I have no idea if Venom Snake will become as rare as Solid Snake and Grey Fox from the 25th Anniversary line.  If you don’t want to chance it I would grab one now so you don’t have to pay out the ass for it later. I highly recommend this figure to any Metal Gear fan, only if you know who the Patriots are of course.