New Rule: Kotaku has been redubbed.

DISCLAIMER: This post was written from a smartphone because A) You ain’t working hard enough and B) It’s been a while for me.


As previously reported by me, Kotaku is all about that NOPE. When I reported it, I was commenting on their tone, which is very bitchy and condescending. Submitted for your approval is evidence that they are in fact Notaku, part of the illuminotaki.  Commanders of Nope. Observe.


Seven days in to the new year an author gives up on an assignment.


The cat came back the very next day.


But then a few days later at the sight of artwork they could… not… even…


And just a few days ago… All about that nope. I’m telling you. They have a “No quota” or something.

#NopeGate2015 continues. Jaded On the scene.

The Jaded Gamer


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