I rage quit and deleted my Minecraft map last night.  I should have recorded the video but I was too busy hanging my head in shame.  I broke several rules in an effort to maximize my haul, but then I made the mistake of digging around too much lava in a cavern and I took a wrong step and fell in lava.  I couldn’t take it…

…Now, a new adventure begins.

Straight Rambo



I spawned near a village and was able to make a quick go of it this time.  Off to the right of the Jungle tree is the entrance to the mines.  I managed to collect enough iron to build a set of iron tools with enough to make a second iron pickaxe as you can see.  The village came stocked with crops of wheat, carrots and potatoes so I decided to corral some meats!



I trapped a horse in the process.  I’ll break him later but for now I created two breeding pits to create a regenerating supply of meat and wool.  There will be one for chickens in the future.

To save on time and energy, instead of building my own place in the village, I just occupied Burt and Ernie’s house here.



In return for letting me use their house, I keep them fed and pull their crops for them.  I’m working on creating a golem to roam the town and keep these guys safe.

With a supply of food and the tools, I’m ready to go find me some Iron…



To Be Continued…

The Jaded Gamer