“Like” & “Subscribe” or the bunny gets it.

OK folks.  The holidays are officially over and it is back to business as usual here at Your Momma’s Basement.  I am back on the job and the content will return to a more standardized method of delivery.

All that I ask is that you like one or both of the Facebook Pages and/or subscribe to my YouTube page.   You’ll generally notice I’m not really up your asses about these things but I’m just throwing this out into the readership here.. At least follow me on Twitter.  If you tweet at me and don’t seem like an asshole you’ll get a genuine followback instead of some impersonal click somebody gives you out of habit that you’ll probably end up losing.  Plus YMB is on Twitter too.

Your Momma’s Basement is a person to person thing.  Chances are if you ask me a question or say something profound you’ll get a response or a shout out in a video.  The idea behind Your Momma’s Basement is cutting through bullshit in game culture.   I’m not here to say I’m better than you or I know any different.  I’m saying I’ve done some pretty nifty things and seen some pretty nifty things inside the gaming community.  I can provide insight other than my opinion, though I smother it in some sort of sarcasm or other writing style, I cut through the nonsense as I see it as a consumer because I have a few core beliefs that I do not think will change in the short term.

  • Developers need to hold and be held to higher standards.
  • The backlashes of rampant harassment in Game Nation not only need to stop but be met with a greater opposing force.
  • Game Nation is one. Every gamers. Every type of gamer inhabits this Nation.
  • Kotaku says Nope a lot.
  • Gamers need to hold each other to higher standards of decency.

I don’t think anything “controversial” is actually really all that big of a deal and people really just need to relax.  The stench of being a virgin gamer “living in your momma’s basement” is almost streamlining itself out of the popular consensus and these bowlegged knuckle dragging idiots manage to keep wrecking it.

These are not new beliefs but after seeing and experiencing all I have, those core values still stand true.

So that’s that.  You know what to do.

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