Playstation Now’s price is too damn high!

Sony finally decided that a subscription model for their game streaming service, Playstation Now, is a viable option.  If you have been following the PS Now service, you’ll remember the pricing options were pricey even after they fine tuned them.  Just look below for a few examples.

PSNow-1 PSNow-4PSNow-2PSNow-3

Clearly, Sony wants to push you to subscribe to the service with those prices.  The problem is that even the subscription model is a little bit too high.  $9.99 (monthly) is the sweet spot but if you want to push it to something like $12.99 (monthly) is not totally unreasonable.  But the pricing is as follows:

“You’ll be able to choose from two subscription plans: one month for $19.99, or a three-month package for $44.99” – Playstation Blog

Here is the problem with all of this.  Electronic Arts’ streaming service, EA Access is, $4.99.  The amount of games on the service is a fraction of what Sony offers but considering the fact that you save 10% off the digital versions of EA games AND you will be able to try EA products like the sports games as well as games like the most recent Dragon Age before they are released, Sony is robbing their customers who already are required to subscribe to PSN+ (on PS4) to play online.  Even though I agree that PSN+, pound for pound is a better subscription service than XBL because it is cheaper and the “free” games they give you are more recent and usually higher profile games, XBL is changing that idea with the Xbox One.

I threw a lot of words at you so let me just recap and break it down. Sony has already gone on record saying that EA Access doesn’t represent a good value to their customers.  Then they crap out an overpriced streaming service to rival it without some of the frills such as discounts and early access (To be fair you *might* get those frills if you subscribe to PSN+).

  • PSN+ & PS Now (Monthly = $30)
  • PSN+ & PS Now (Yearly =  $230)

I factored in the cheapest route for the yearly subscription fees!!!!! Look…  1yr PSN+ is $50 plus 4 x 3 month packages… 4x $45… So $50 + $180.  Now look at the competition using EA Access keeping in mind EA Access’ library is smaller but growing nonetheless.

  • XBL + EA Access (Monthly = $15)
  • XBL + EA Access (Yearly = $120)

That is a $110 difference. and EA Access doesn’t offer a yearly subscription at a discount the way Playstation Now does.  (JAN 17th – 2015 EDIT: As it turns out EA Access for a year is $30 so the total price for XBL + EA Access is closer to $90 not $120.)

In conclusion… the price of Playstation Now… IS TOO DAMN HIGH!

The Jaded Gamer
Twitter: @IamFN2K
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