Allow me to reintroduce myself


Considering I have the ability to reach more people now than ever, I thought I’d take some time out for you to familiarize yourself with me and I with you. So leave some comments, tweet at me or join the Facebook page.  While you’re at it throw a “Like” towards Your Momma’s Basement.

Well.. I’ve had a very eventful year.  For those who do not know, I am an ambitious, young-ish, half-breed mutt that desires to leave some sort of footprint in the gaming community.  My highest aspiration is to work at some capacity for a developer but currently I am rallying the fanbase I have and expand it through embracing games on ALL PLATFORMS.  I want all gamers to thrive in the global playing space as well as at all conventions.  I don’t care if you’re an angry feminist grrl gamer, a Lesbian Gay Bacon and Tomato gamer or a white privileged male… or anything in between.  I just don’t care.  We’re all gamers.  We may not love the same games, consoles or genres of games but when we’re at PAX or any other community based event, we should all feel welcome, safe and not fragmented or segregated.  I also like sarcasm as a vehicle for humor.

Around 2006 a roommate had brought a Playstation 2 horror game called Kuon back to the apartment.  He was really super excited to play what he thought would be a hidden gem.  I had already heard through the internet that the game was mediocre and immediately criticized him and his choice of games. . . like an asshole.  His response was something to the effect of “You’re one Jaded Fuckin’ Gamer!”  Thus the moniker was born.

I blogged a little here and there but business picked up in 2008 when Soulja Boy had released some video flaunting his money while throwing games on the floor.  Keen gamers immediately noticed games were still in their seal or even duplicates.  He didn’t go to a store and buy these games.  He ordered them online or had somebody go and get them for him. There was even a video of him failing to grasp the concept of Braid.  However, he chose to utter the phrase “Fuck Playstation 3” right after showing off the beautiful Piano White PS3 straight from Japan.  As a gamer, I felt disrespected. So I unleashed this…

Then shortly after that… This…

[Update: Jan 3rd, 2015ooops.  The Metal Gear Solid 4 video was first.. Then SouljaBoy said that crap. Sorry. It has been a while.]

I should have poured myself into YouTube right then and there but I approached everything half hearted as a hobby because I was in a relationship and in debt from college.  So I focused on the girlfriend and working to pay off the debt.

Almost a year ago, it was my intention to be a family man and provide for them. Back then gaming was more of a hobby because it had to be.  But when the relationship went sour, I didn’t bother trying to keep it alive.  I spent seven years focused on getting out of debt so I could lay the foundation for a family.  I don’t even know why I cared.  I wasn’t happy with her and no matter how hard I tried to turn the situation around she refused to lift a finger to make life better.  So, when the end came I simply accepted it and moved on.

Almost immediately I focused on recapturing The Jaded Gamer vibe which had been on the decline for the past six years.  Look at my YouTube views in my channel and you’ll see less and less people watch the videos as they became spaced further and further apart.  I didn’t care back then but early last year I hit the ground running to turn it around.

In February I had discovered that I was a few subway stops away from Ubisoft Toronto and the amazing Jade Raymond (Mother of Assassin’s Creed. Peace be unto her as she smiles onto thee.)  I had only heard the name Jade Raymond attached to Assassin’s Creed which is my favorite franchise.  I never knew what she looked like.  So when I looked her up and saw this picture…


… I fell in love.  Make no mistake I had no intention of trying to become her boyfriend.  That smile though…  I felt moved to get involved with the community.  I wanted to know her and her team.  I wanted to meet more of the people and teams that inspire me.  There was one problem.  Game Nation was in chaos.  The crew I was supposed to be down with had kicked me out without even telling me why.  I had to start from square one … again.   The ex and I had run as a socially conscious opinion site but when we broke up, I took this shit over and took my dog, Ness, with me.


The greatest dog in the world.

Fast forward to a few months later, my enthusiasm towards Ubisoft had gotten me some attention and to my surprise I was invited down to Ubisoft Toronto in July.


It’s the building with the water tower on it.  I didn’t want to seem like a tourist or a fanboy so I didn’t risk taking any photos or selfies while I was there.  Plus I signed a Non-disclosure Agreement so I can’t even tell you what I saw other than I was invited to the studio.  Keep in mind that barely even six months prior to this, I had no idea where the studio was.  I had become very excited at the progress I had been making behind the scenes and the impressions I left on Ubisoft staff. I picked up South Park Stick of Truth on my way home and tweeted the pic @UbisoftToronto – Then the community manager tweeted back to me.

Again, I really wanted to geek out and ask him a million questions.  “How do I become you?” was the only one I wanted to ask but instead I opted to stay confident and work on my brand… Your Momma’s Basement.  Here’s why.

I had done nothing to earn my way inside a developer studio other than being enthusiastic.  They don’t know me so I need a platform for developers, gamers and journalists to get to know me.  Most people do not know that I have a habit of making my heroes my friends. I had heard Ballsrog call in to 1up and his PAX story on The Oddcast so all I knew back then Ballsrog was a super celebrity.  He became my mentor.  We’ve had some ups and downs together but we still got each other’s back.  Through Ballsrog I met another hero of mine. . . Seth Macy.  Seth Macy was a name I heard thrown all over 1up and their podcasts back in the day as well.  Then one day he was actually on one of them.

Not only did I become friends with Ballsrog… I became friends with Seth Macy.  He even appeared on a few podcasts with me and Ballsrog and joined me  and my crew not too long ago on the terribly promoted and stupidly inconsistent Backlog Infinite.

I took everything seriously the day I posted this picture with the headline “THIS IS YOUR NEW CEO


I was back… and I was pissed.  I spent months figuring out a plan of attack and a game plan while burning through all the money I had saved.  But I believed in myself and slowly traffic started coming to this site.

Now here I am… the only writer on the site that went from socially conscious to solely about gaming.  And I am crushing it.  There are other amateur sites out there with multiple writers/talent that can’t produce the amount of content I do. Aside from my inconsistent podcast, (which will become more consistent the moment I am fully employed once more) I am drawing numbers.  My YouTube views will hit the hundreds and the thousands once again.

But I can’t do it without you, my readers in USA, Canada, Brazil, The UK, France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Spain and Ecuador! Australia been coming on strong in recent weeks.

Thank you for reading and sharing.  I really can never thank you people enough.  Though I want to thank more of you so share, share, share any and everything you like.

In the end my mission is this;  to be a voice for the sane and rational side in gaming culture that just wants to play these games.  You don’t have to worry about ethics violations with me because I report on what I see and experience.  I explain my biases before you read anything so you know whether or not to take me seriously.  Even though I have bias towards franchises like Assassin’s Creed, if you’ve read my impressions or review of Assassin’s Creed: Rogue, you know I still call it like I see it despite enjoying the game.

So leave the haters to me.  You can stick to playing games and enjoying them.  I’ll kick these trolls in the teeth for you!

Kudos and Stay Jaded.

The Jaded Gamer
Twitter: @IamFN2K
Facebook: The Jaded Gamer

PS.  Thank you so much for reading this far. I hope to get to know some of you during my adventures.


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