Well… I won’t be giving blood then. Blame Kickstarter

Remember I reported on a Kickstarter for a blood donating kit for gamers?  My reporting was largely tongue-and-cheek and filled with sarcasm.

But I was serious.  I wanted the Kickstarter to succeed because I would totally take part in the whole deal.  I was definitely serious when I said I would strap myself into the contraption and then chuck my blood in the garbage… just for fun.  The fact that it was linked to donating blood was an unexpected bonus.  I would give blood frequently if that system was in place.  I would take up multiplayer gaming and get really good at it just to enter a theoretical “blood drive.” and bleed fools dry.

In any event the Kickstarter has been suspended for quite some time.  Not only that, it wasn’t doing that well.  I’m not sure which annoys me more about the current state of gaming; Hatred being hotly anticipated or that gamers couldn’t give a shit about paying the ultimate price for gaming.   I know… I know… these two things are not related.  In my mind they are.  Should I ever play a game like Hatred… it only feels right that I put MY life (in the form of my blood) on the line as I carelessly, senselessly and pointlessly slaughter “enemies” that cower in fear.   Forget Hatred.  What if I’m playing GTA Online and there is a specific quota of blood I can lose before my character “dies” or I’m eliminated from competition?  THAT’S NEXT GEN AS FUCK!  At that point I give the blood bag to the hospital, get my cookie and go home to feel unfulfilled, unchallenged and uninspired again until my “regen blood” skill cools down and I can once again use the “give blood” ability.

This stuff ups the ante and separates the hardcore from the stupid.  If Kickstarter shut this down because people could die, that is absolutely lame.  We need to stop protecting stupid people.  They breed fastest and will eventually overrun the Earth.  Anybody who dies from this is an idiot and is probably the same person who needs the warning: “MAY BE HARMFUL OR FATAL IF CONSUMED”  on a box of RAT POISON!  Let them die! How stupid are you if you think you can’t die from losing too much blood?


OK… I’m not saying we should release harmful products on to the world or keep them off the market because people are stupid.  What I am saying is Blood Sport is a supervised thing that is done in a medical facility… What’s the problem?  Kickstarter is staying quiet because they don’t comment on suspended efforts.

I want to give blood dammit.

The Jaded Gamer

Twitter: @IamFN2K
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