Pre-order Resident Evil HD on PSN and own it on PS3/PS4

One day I’m going to break these stories before the big league guys do if you viewers keep supporting this site.  Thank you for that. But I digress.

Reports out of Destructoid and Gamespot suggest that you should pre-order Resident Evil HD. Why? because if you pre-order it then you own it on your PS3/PS4.  This offer is only valid on PSN and if you live in North America.  Full details can be found on Capcom’s Blog. Nothing to indicate that the same thing is happening on the Xbox side of things but hey… you can’t win em all.


So, again, pre-order before January 20th and you will receive the PS3/PS4 versions plus a unique theme for $19.99.

Great price.  Great game.  Take advantage.

The Jaded Gamer (Twitter: @IamFN2K)
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