SimCity 2000 Special Edition Is (Still) Free for a Limited Time

I’m not the biggest PC gamer on the planet.  In fact I kinda troll the fanbase a little bit.  I don’t troll them maliciously.  It is a throwback to the 80’s/90’s where the “console war” was actually a thing and you’d throw harmless jokes at your friends.  What I legitimately appreciate on the PC side of things is how generous developers and publishers have been with giving out classic PC titles for free.


EA Origin is at it AGAIN! – Earlier in the year I received Dead Space and Peggle for free and now SimCity 2000 Special Edition is now free >HERE<

For those who are unaware of the PC Universe, EA Origin is a game distribution service not unlike Good Ol Games or the juggernaut Steam.

Steam is also having a crazy sale right now and if you’re interested in The Witcher III on PC, head over to right now and you can pre-order it at a 10% discount if that is your thing.

Honestly, do yourself a favor after you grab SimCity 2000 and go to Steam’s website and browse the deals they have going on.  Great games on the cheap!


The Jaded Gamer
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