Things have been a little slow because of the holiday season and my need to find some sort of income.  HOWEVER! I’ve been noticing traffic and seals of approval for that comic I wrote.   I have one based on the Fallout universe that is much more dramatic in tone.  I’m holding it back a little because people expect me to be humorous.  Here is a sneak peak at the next Game of Shame with an explanation why I shortened the title after the preview.  ENJOY!


Game of Shame is no longer purely based in the world of Grand Theft Auto Online.  It was fun, but when Rockstar failed to deliver on an expanded content creator or heists, my interest in the game has been reduced to zero.  I’ll pick up the current-gen version when I can but it isn’t happening soon.  As a result of the shift in focus, Game of Shame is no longer about Jayded’s killing sprees and his sarcasm.  As evidenced in page 2 of Game of Shame #2, Jayded cannot die.  He will simply respawn.  All this changes as Jayded’s mortality is called into question.  Instead of being confined to one game environment, through the magic of editing, I’m able to collect the visual resources from multiple games.  Just look at the cover art.



Other than Lester’s face, none of these assets are from GTA 5.  I’m hoping to tell a longer tale, but hopefully no less humorous or entertaining.  I mean, for three pages in a row, the punchline is a joke about poo.  Louis C.K said it best,  “You don’t have to be smart to laugh at a fart joke but you gotta be stupid not to.”


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