The console war is a big myth.

“Console war” is a catchphrase that serves as nothing more than a way to summon brand loyalty and generate clicks on websites.  Anybody who hypes Nintendo vs Microsoft vs Sony as if there is a war going on, is preying on you and trying to invalidate your console purchase.

Why is there no war? Because we’re playing the same games.  How can you stir up controversy when everybody is rushing towards the middle? Force gamers to argue over minutiae.  You’re playing in 40K, He’s playing in 1080P, she’s playing in 900p … WE MUST KUNG-FU FIGHT!  Only lazy journalists looking to stir the pot and douchebag gamers have time to complain about something they have no interest in.  These gamers whining hard about the Tomb Raider sequel not being available on the PS4 at launch are the minority of gamers but they get put out there as if they are the voice of the nation.  If the Tomb Raider announcement shook you to your core and felt like a slap in the face then you don’t have much going for you.  Your life sucks.  A game comes out on a system you don’t own and you invent a doctrine to rationalize it purely to make you mad.  You’re a terrible person.


Serves you right for being a brand loyal idiot.

As a console owner, you should never feel betrayed or deceived.  If you do, it serves you right for being a brand loyal idiot.  While developers and manufacturers do not go out of their way to screw over their consumers, the marketplace fluctuates and business deals get made to produce more games.  Sometimes those games involve games jumping from one system to another.  Metal Gear was a Nintendo game.  Killer Instinct was a Nintendo Game.  Final Fantasy was a Nintendo game and Bayonetta was never a Nintendo game and now it is an exclusive.  Bungie used to be locked into an exclusivity agreement with Microsoft now they are giving exclusive content to Sony.  Welcome to Game Nation, where anything can happen.

Be disappointed, sure, but rage is seriously an indication of how much your emotions are being manipulated or how much your life sucks.  This is not a war, it is a three team league with PC gamers playing handball off in a corner.  Every so often the PC gamers come over to the console side to talk shit.  Console gamers just laugh at PC gamers failure to grasp the idea that “master race” comments are Nazi references and nobody likes them.  There isn’t a war there either.  It is just condescension from both sides.  Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo have their rosters and they swap games and developers the same way sports teams trade or hire players and staff.

War is over.  It is all business.

Maybe there was a war at one point.  The 8 and 16-bit eras of gaming were very heated.  Sega and Nintendo had (or appeared as if they had) a wider selection of exclusive content so selecting a console was a little easier.  If you liked Mario, Zelda, Kirby etc.  Then obviously Nintendo was your choice.  But if you wanted a system with a little more edge it was no question that you owned a Sega.  Sega had more mature content as well as attitude and flair.  Shinobi, Altered Beast, Wonderboy and of course Sonic came along later.  Even multiplatform games could be unique to each console.  The NES and Sega versions of Double Dragon are different.

Double Dragon (NES)

Double Dragon (Sega)

Aside from the obvious graphical differences, the main difference was the Sega version was co-op and the NES version had a fighting game shoehorned into it.

Even the 16-bit versions of games were different on each system.  Check out Aladdin.

Aladdin (SNES)

Aladdin (Genesis)

Could you imagine playing vastly different versions of the exact same game depending on where you were playing it?  What if half of the map was different in GTA V on Sony’s systems?  What if the protagonist in Assassin’s Creed Unity was a woman and the city was Egypt instead of France on the Xbox One?   THOSE are acts of war my friends.   That is evidence of two consoles fighting each other so hard that they have unique visions of the exact same game.  What we have in the closing days of 2014 pales by comparison.   This is no war.  Sony and Microsoft are opposing sides of the same coin and Nintendo manages to find a fanbase to keep them relevant.

This is an average console war believer.

“Release Rise of the Tomb Raider on PS4 or I will kill myself!”
“Y U No make Street Fighter V for Xbox One?!?!?!”

What I’m trying to say is that if you support this mythical “console war” you should be happy when shots actually get fired.  The more everything is the same, the less people complain about “getting screwed over” and the more they complain about the difference of 180p in resolution.   Arguing over pixels and framerates is boring.  I’d rather be arguing over the missing sword DLC for next-gen Aladdin!


The Jaded Gamer
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