Christina Sommers eviscerates Anita Sarkeesian




I have said before that I do not agree with Anita Sarkeesian on all fronts and I could easily dispute quite a bit of what she is saying. I podcast with a much lesser known female entity who has similar views as Anita (but not completely identical) and we have discussions all the time.  I even wrote an inflammatory piece aimed at the vicious haters entitled “We’re All in Love with Anita Sarkeesian“.  This is does not have much to do with whether or not I agree with her but more an act of pashtunwali.  I may not be Pashtun or have complete understanding of their ways but I do know that if somebody who means no harm and found themselves injured in a Pashtun village, they would protect the wounded against aggressors.  In a time where everybody was maliciously attacking her, I felt any argument I made would get lost in the shuffle. I became so focused on defending Anita Sarkeesian, I completely lost sight of my actual belief that she’s simply utilizing Game Nation as a springboard because the vocal minority of gamers are so easily manipulated.  In other words, I believe Anita is a great puppet master pulling our strings and getting everybody to dance for her own delight.  Her fandom of video games is not that deep despite her claims to the otherwise. She was caught admitting that candidly but I don’t care.  Her point of view is no less valid.

Enter Christina Sommers.  A woman who hit every point I would in a much more restrained, calm and rational manner.  ENJOY! And Game Nation… Can somebody send her some roses on our behalf?

Why gamers are not rallying around her, lifting her up to the sky and proclaiming “THANK YOU!” with tears streaming out our appreciative eyes, I’ll never know.  Christina Sommers is on my radar and she is staying there because she is awesome.  Just watch her other videos.   I think she comprehends what “equality” actually is.

A feminist that doesn’t punish men for being men. I had no idea these people existed.  And she makes a whole bunch of YouTubers look stupid no matter how good their argument was.  Christina came in, dropped the hammer, then the mic, curtsied and walked out with dignity in under seven minutes.  YouTubers relied too much on graphics, finger shaking, head wagging, tonal influxes and sarcasm to pepper their points but not Christina.  Oh no.  Not Christina.  

Christina came prepared with facts and research. What is more important to me is that she remembered that  “adult women are not the key demographic.”  BAM! That is the only point that actually matters.

I personally want more games that I play to appeal to adult women because quite a few women I know would like to play games like God of War or Hitman but other than the gameplay mechanics these games don’t really sit well with them. I don’t really think they have to because they are not the demographic for it in the same way I am not the demographic for the Kim Kardashian game or The View.  Simply put, I want more games like Heavenly Sword which shared a lot of ideas with games like God of War but was more welcoming to women gamers though probably still aimed at men.  See? Win/Win and there are no less God of War games in the universe. One could argue that at this point there is one too many.

In conclusion, I defended Anita Sarkeesian initially because I want more games that I play or would play to appeal to women because I know there is a market for them.  Women, sometimes, just want a breather from the idea that they are sexual objects desired by men as much as I want an escape from being the symbol of oppression to the opposite sex.  In addition, Anita says “Even though we may enjoy these games, it is important to think critically about the things we love.”  She is not off base.  Though, after thinking critically I hope you’ll realize that she does cherry pick ideas and her arguments tend to be one-sided and almost “straw-man” at times.


The Jaded Gamer (@IamFN2K)


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