Report Report: Square-Enix is about to disappoint you!

DISCLAIMER: Half real, half me being a jerk. Aaaaaand GO!

Kotaku reports that via a Famitsu leak, Square Enix president Yosuke Matsuda had allegedly said:

“Actually, right now, we are readying a new role-playing game for home consoles that isn’t a remake,” “In December, we’ll start with making an announcement.”

Let us just cut right to the good stuff.

  1. It’s not Final Fantasy VII
  2. It is not any other remake
  3. It is going to suck
  4. It is also not Chrono Trigger

Other than serving you up four million variations on the Final Fantasy formula, Square-Enix is a publishing company that occasionally develops high concept big budget games.

For the Square-Enix faithful holding out hope that they will return to their former glory, my heart is with you but it is just not going to happen.  I keep hearing people suggesting Square-Enix is going through a slump.  When did it start?  This is the longest slump I’ve been able to see a company sit through if they were not turning a profit and if they were turning a profit, how is it a slump?

Square-Enix is a little unreliable when it comes to developing solid titles that are held in high regard.  I’m rooting for them but their vision and mine are no longer in unison.

The Jaded Gamer.




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