I told you gamers would make the remakes everybody wants all by themselves if developers did not comply… or at least in this case created within LittleBigPlanet 2.  Yeah, I may have mind bleeped you if you are the type to constantly search for news on any indication that Square will make a Final Fantasy VII remake.  Rest assured they will… at some point…. just not today so live free and die hard.

However, TheJamster1992, in the spirit of “I’m done waiting, I’ll make it myself” took it upon himself to somehow recreate Final Fantasy VII within the confines of LittleBigPlanet 2.   Click this link for the easiest methods of kickstarting your journey into the remake.  Simply login to your PSN account and click the “Queue button”, Otherwise read on…

Sure other sites have reported on it already but, well, they just throw up Jamster’s video of the initial mission.

Write two sentences about the game and call it information.  I wish I had these outlets on speed dial because I’d be rich if I knew it was so easy to phone it in.

That’s just a joke, son.

But when a remake happens.  Do we not have a few comparison shots strewn about the page.  Oh look…

LBPFF7Remake1 LBPFF7Remake2 LBPFF7Remake3


Sorry, thought I had more.  This is what we call being unprepared, folks.

This remake spans 31 levels in total.  Each level clearly represents a meaty chunk of the game because the first level took me at least ten minutes to clear, maybe longer.    In addition to this being practically Final Fantasy 7 distilled into LittleBigPlanet form, the soundtrack to the game accompanies the action on screen.  This feels like Bizzaro World.

There is no point “reviewing” this fantastic fan project. It is a labor of love. To criticise it would be no different than critiquing the noodles on the macaroni necklace your child gives you.  You know what it is, you know what it represents.  It is made of dried pasta and string but it is beautiful.  That’s what this whole project is.  A fan’s heart, on a plate, ready for the world to play.  It is fun.

I will say that these levels are definitely aimed at somebody who has played Final Fantasy VII.  Protip, be persistent and not Judgey Judy because the nostalgia you will feel on this trip is actually pretty pleasant.

For those looking for it inside LittleBigPlanet 2, here is the exact level name with the odd author name. (Which is why I made it easier for you guys to find)




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