Guild Wars 2 & Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes slash prices.

Guild Wars 2 is now on sale! Even though I bought my copy through Greenman Gaming at a discount, this price is even more attractive.  For a limited time (October 30th-November 9th) you can swipe up two versions of the game.

Digital Heroic which will cost you $19.99 and this entitles you to the game accompanied by a few bonuses such as armor, experience boosters and a Mythril box which expands your inventory slots.

The Digital Deluxe version costs $29.99 which comes with the game, the bonuses that come with Digital Heroic Edition plus a pet, a banker and various other bonuses.

For those that are unaware, Guild Wars 2 is an MMORPG not unlike World of Warcraft but has its own flair and skill trees.  It is not a WoW clone by any means, but it is familiar fantasy.  On top of it all, the game is free and so are a lot of the content updates.

I suggest playing this game for two reasons.

1. If you have ever been curious about MMORPGs, this one saves you on monthly fees and you can get a taste of what the genre has to offer.

2.  Maybe the MMORPG you are playing now is reaching the saturation point.  Here is something cheap, new and a little different that will definitely give you $20 worth of entertainment.

Click —>HERE<— to buy the game on sale. (Note: This link will take you to a new site.  I am not the one selling this game to you.)


Joystiq is reporting that Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground Zeroes is getting a permanent price cut. The reported price is $19.99 across all platforms. This is the price I thought it would be on release and very disappointed when it was not.  Considering how short this prologue to The Phantom Pain is, I felt that $30/$40 was a bit too much for a cliffhanger.

So check out your digital store of choice and get to downloading.  If you hope to play the game on Steam, you will have to wait until December 18th.

Happy Hunting.

The Jaded Gamer (


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