Jade Raymond leaves Ubisoft / Jaded Gamer sings Pagliacci

A few things that are a little bit of public knowledge; I love the work Ubisoft does. I am a huge fan of the Assassin’s Creed franchise and I absolutely believe that Jade Raymond


(Peace be on to her as she smiles on to thee )is a pocket full of awesome, sparkles and sunshine.  

Her reign at Ubisoft is coming to a close.  Ubisoft Toronto announced today that she will be stepping down as Managing Director.  My reaction…


to the tune of

When I calmed down from my hysterics, I decided to write words to ease the pain.

I always heard her name attached to Assassin’s Creed and when I did research into how it got made, her passion impressed me.  I dug a little deeper into her history and how she started in the industry working at Sony and EA.  I vaguely remember her correspondent work on The Electric Playground.  It wasn’t until I played through Assassin’s Creed II, that I simply became a fan.  She attaches her name and has influence on great games and one of the most defining games of our era. 

Not only is she focused on games, she also is on the board of directors on Women in Film & Television – Toronto, which is dedicated to the advancement of women in film and television as well as other off-screen media.  Jade is a great choice to sit on your board.

Anyways, despite a little sunshine departing Ubisoft, her successor is pretty cool as well.  Meet Alex Parizeau.


I don’t think I’ve seen a publicity shot of this guy that doesn’t ooze “I bring the goods, every damn time.” Look.

“The goods… Every. Damn. Time. SON!”

Anyways, Alex is over a decade deep in the industry, a founding member of Ubisoft Toronto and been producing those adrenaline pumping action games people love in the recent Splinter Cell games as well as Rainbow Six: Vegas.  He’s the overseer on some pretty incredible titles, more importantly, beloved titles, and done well by them.

Ubisoft is and always has been run by some of the best people in the gaming space.  I say this not as an obvious fanboy or an attempt to kiss the booty.  I say it because it seemed for a while, every time Ubisoft would publish or develop a game, it was one I wanted.

Despite facing minor controversies, Ubisoft continues to thrive and create the intellectual properties that gamer’s love.  Here’s to the future Ubisoft.  Cheers to Jade Raymond and all she has done in the gaming space.  YourMommasBasement.com looks forward to seeing her next moves.

The Jaded Gamer
IamFN2K@gmail.com (@IamFN2K)



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