Hatred developer, Destructive Games CEO keeps his foes close.

A few days ago I reported on a game being developed for PC called Hatred.  I condemned the timing of this game and the fact that given the game mechanic of mass murder does not appear to add any-damn-thing to the genre making it, at best, just another isometric shooter… at least mechanically.

In my words I linked to an article accusing Jaroslaw Zielinski, animator/CEO of Destructive Games of supporting the Polish Defense League.  Jaroslaw Zielinski has spoken to Polygon to “clarify” this matter.  He says:

“I’ve liked this page, because it’s source of an information what is going on right now in the middle-east and Europe (and a lot of evil shit is going on — those are REAL problems, not our game). Some things media would not show, nor tell. So: no, I’m not any kind of ‘supporter.'”

This logic is amazing and who am I to criticize it?  The Jaded freaken’ Gamer, that’s who.  He could be telling the complete truth.  But this makes as much sense as a black person following the KKK because they are interested in their level of outrage at Africa.  It makes as much sense as Mahmoud Ahmadinejad marching in a parade because he wants to “keep an eye on infidels” but whatever.  Zielinski is sticking to the keep-your-enemies-closer defense as well stating that Destructive Games will release a video tomorrow clarifying these accusations.

Why wait until tomorrow though? It takes 10 minutes.  When your main game is about mass murder, quit trying to act like you’re wearing a suit, tie and loafers as if you’re oh-so diplomatic.  Your game revels in the idea of executing and ending human life and you need time to prepare a statement?   Destructive Games exists on the fringe of game development, dealing with subject matter that makes a lot of gamers face palm.

Again, I have zero problems with this game’s existence.  I have every problem with the tact and timing of this game’s presentation.  It does not look like anything special and is motivated by a team that thinks they are doing something different.  No seriously. Zielinski writes to Polygon:

“We wanted to create something contrary to prevailing standards of forcing games to be more polite or nice than they really are or even should be,”

Given the subject matter of Bioshock Infinite, the implications of statutory rape and pedophelia within The Last of Us… Zielinski is trying to backstep through piles of knee-high bullshit with every attempt to hype this game as something other than it is; an isometric shooter with a controversial theme to sell copies.  They probably will move a unit or two once the mainstream media clings like leeches to the level of violence.  Destructive Games is counting on this.

Play this game, or don’t.  It wont excuse the fact the people behind it have psyched themselves up to believe they are trailblazers in a revolution.  These are the people making the next Columbine total conversion with a bigger budget and a brighter spotlight.

Good Day to you all.

The Jaded Gamer
IamFN2K@gmail.com (@IamFN2K)



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