Bad timing, Asshole.

I remember I was so excited to see Training Day, starring Denzel Washington but the events of September 11th cast a small shadow of doubt on North America and the date was pushed.  The twin towers were removed from the Spider-man trailer as well as removed from several movies.  But there were always opportunists eager for attention.  There were the schmucks that decided the events of Columbine was worthy of replicating in a game.  There’s even a 3D variation of a school shooting. These games are done for controversy.   They are fringe.  Everybody regards these games and their developers as boneheaded developers eager to be blacklisted by the big leagues.  Most of these controversial titles are announced and canceled when the fever pitch of the backlash is too high.

But Hatred.  Hatred is not a game made to capitalize on the current events in the gaming community.  It is a game being promoted with the worst timing on earth.  While the media is constantly focused on the connections between mass shootings and video games, the line between them within the virtual world has always been fragile.  Games where you are forced to progress by murdering civilians is rare.  It is a line video games have flirted with but never implemented as a standard mechanic. As far as I can tell, that is the major driving force behind Hatred.  Emo male antagonist hates the world, wants it all to end in a hail of fire and bullets.

Here’s the trailer… Euro cutscenes always look so weird.

Developer, Destructive Creations’ CEO Jarosław Zieliński does not seem to find anything objectionable.

“No, I don’t think the content has gone too far. It’s just shooting virtual characters and if anybody has a problem with distinguishing reality from a game, he should turn off his computer and go for a long walk. 🙂 “

I don’t even know who this Jarosław Zieliński is.  With reports coming out he could have some controversial beliefs I feel like this is Game Nation’s version of Chik-fil-a’s controversy.

Of course, there are those who feel the need to compare Hatred’s ultra violence to Manhunt or Postal.  The context is very different in each case.   With the case of Manhunt, you are the prey.  Murder is a tool in your survival bag.  Postal… you are not required to murder as many people as you can.  It is simply an option.

Let me back it up.  I’m not arguing over this game’s right to exist.  I think it should not, ever, period.  It should not exist right now, at the very least.

The gaming industry is caught up in a lot of legitimate problems right now. Sexism is at the absolute top once again with violence dropping down the list.  A lot of studies have been done and the results are in on that topic.  Violence and video games are not directly linked but maybe aggression and video games are.  Also this aggression might actually stem from being incompetent and not the violence within the game.

But when media only cares about which games they find in the shooter’s home, games like Hatred are not helping.

The developer gets their name in the paper by making a controversial game.

Honestly, the mechanics of the isometric shooter look sound.  The cutscene looked like ass.  So at the end of the day you made a technically sound game that added nothing to the genre… with shitty cut scenes.

Zieliński even admits it.

“We do what you can find in so many titles, we just don’t want justify it. If someone doesn’t like the game and feels disgusted with its content, he doesn’t have to play it – plain and simple. It’s definitely not game for everyone.”

The violence is the point of this game.  It is the only defining factor behind anything this developer is accomplishing and it is done with the worst timing and attitude on Earth.  There is no discussion on the developer’s part to dissect any social commentary this game could provide because there is none.   It is mass killings draped over an isometric shooter.

I’ll see you when CNN finds this in the next triple named killer’s bedroom next to his Soldier of Fortune magazine and the dart board with Obama’s eyes burned out.

This is like North Korea firing off missiles off their coast while you’re trying to tackle the problems in the middle east.  You’ll accomplish nothing with the added distraction.


The Jaded Gamer (@IamFN2K)




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