All Apologies: My new contract with YMB

Things have kind of stalled around here, huh?  I suppose I (The Jaded Gamer) should take blame for that.  I had a bit of a meltdown and I freaked out at @mommasbasement behind the scenes for putting this incredible weight on my shoulders to produce content for the site.  In the end we decided to just take a few days to rethink things and come back at it with cooler heads.   On top of it, I will not have as much free time over the next few months but everything will be worth it because I could be at PAX East… and if I believe hard enough E3 or whatever I can be suave enough to get into with the rising popularity of “The Jaded Gamer”.  SO….

Why exactly did I have this meltdown?

Because I have no idea what I’m doing. I run another site that I never update. It’s more of a personal blog. . I don’t know what I’m doing over there now either. I’m making a game that is once again glitching out. One by one I am stamping out bugs and inconsistencies in the story, spelling errors, etc. I’m returning my webseries “The Jaded Gamer Show” and it has been a pain trying to figure out how to even figure out how to handle it. NOW, the weight of Your Momma’s Basement is on my shoulders. I have 2 episodes of Backlog Infinite to edit now as well.

Initially when I took over the site, I didn’t intend to be spinning this many plates, but here we are.  It was never intended to be a hub for gaming or me being a pundit for games, but again … here we are, or, here I am.  I suppose I deserve a part of the blame.  I haven’t found any other people to write for the site because 2 B onest sum uv yous realey kant spelk n e thing properly. And my response is usually polite but all I’m thinking is “Are you serious and do you have brain damage?” Most of the time I will not respond to the initial e-mail if it is written poorly.  Well I guess I just outed a secret. So if you wrote the site an email asking to write for it while using terrible spelling and/or grammar in your email….. I can’t help you.

The bad news is my time will be filled with things that take me away from this world so even if I wanted to write all day, I can not do that.

But the good news is that I have a new internet service provider and I can do more things now that the up and download speeds aren’t complete crap. The good news is that should the next few months go well, this will lead to great things for me and in turn content for Your Momma’s Basement.  But later.  Much much later.  I’m not cool with much much later.

So here’s what I have agreed to:

  • No less than 7 pieces of content a week. (There are loop holes. I have found them. Get ready for poundcake Wednesdays)
  • Video content by November
  • Weekly podcast by the new year (I also have 2 shows to edit)

So I will be prioritizing things differently now.  I’m going to go nap, wake up, take care of business come back and then get back to work producing content like it is a second job.  Sleep, wake up, repeat.  If I can get into that routine, then everything will be gravy.  I just need ideas.  If you have ideas for me to do, by all means tweet them at me (@IamFN2K) and I will consider them.

Alright.  Nap time.

The Jaded Gamer


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