Destiny DLC Sneak Peak Leak & Cheat Sheet is Chic this week.

I’m not complaining about Destiny.  I love it.  I just have two hopes.

  1. Better ease or seamlessness between single-player and multiplayer.
  2. More things to do in single-player which allow Guardians to upgrade their Vanguard rating or produce Legendary items.

Well… Kinsey_92 of YouTube posted a video of a glitch which reveals the existence of DLC missions.

KilledByDice over at Reddit created a great list here.   Highlights include:

  • 6 Story Missions
  • 2 lvl 28 Raids
  • 4 Strikes

But  no indication of any new planets.


Bungie themselves have come forward to confirm that all this is real but the DLC is not finished.  A new planet would really seal the deal don’t you think?  Doesn’t that feel like what the world actually needs at this point in time? Six new story missions? What does that mean? “New” in the same way these Daily Heroics roll around?  I thought Queen’s Wrath would be slightly more of an event than it was.  Maybe this was my mistake but in an MMO when something happens… SOMETHING HAPPENS!

Just gimmie da loot!

In no way are these so-called “loot caves” indicative of a broken system.  I don’t mind them. I wish they were more of a secret but websites need hits and YouTube needs views so… The problem within Destiny are the players that think they can claim them.  Here is a picture of the aftermath in a loot cave.


That is what it looks like after about 20-30 minutes. Groups come and go but you can go at this for hours.  In short bursts it can yield some decent loot but ultimately over a long period of time may be less productive.  But you can’t attack other players in these areas so many Guardians get creative trying to claim these areas.

I was cruising through Skywatch waiting for a community event to kick in and decided to hit the cave.  Another player fires rockets into the cave, I decide to let him keep doing it because that is stupid… rockets are expensive.  Then he fires a grenade.  He starts stabbing me (which does zero damage) then runs off and sits in the cave keeping the enemies from respawning.  By then the community event kicked in, I got my marks and I was on my way.  But what a douche.  Times like that, I wish I could DayZ it and drop him, loot his corpse and wear his armor as a badge of pride.

Either way, those so-called “loot caves” are always a grind within themselves and not always worth it. Patrols are the hidden mission nobody thinks to kill 2-3 hours on.  That can make all the difference. A 2-3 hour patrol allows you to get Vanguard Marks and Reputation as well as planet specific items.  Strikes are focused on Vanguard marks and reputation.  If you take too long to complete the Strike, then you’re actually earning less Vanguard Reputation and Marks per hour.


All I’m saying is that these loot cave abuses are a symptom of there being nothing else better to do.  A handful of story missions, a few strikes and pair of raids just doesn’t seem like it will fill the void.

All that plus a new planet, maybe fill in the reef a lot more and you’re in business.  What do you think?

The Jaded Gamer


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