Bayonetta 2 Port: Not impossible.

The internet is a crazy and passionate place.  I’ve said openly that I hope Bayonetta 2 tanks.  I have also tried to explain why I said those things.  Even though I now believe that the Wii-U is a viable purchase, I still really do not want to buy Bayonetta 2 on that console.  I want every console to have exclusives, I want every console to have unique reasons to purchase them.  My motives in Bayonetta 2 tanking stems purely from that dark troll place most gamers hate.  It is selfish.  It stems from the place that makes gamers demand new endings to finished products.  I want Bayonetta 2 to tank because I am the greedy entitled gamer and I want what I want. Period.  But my rantings are mostly tongue and cheek… I was nor never will be one of these people.  I just want Bayonetta 2 on a console I own and hope the right chain of events makes it happen.

Nintendo Life

Nintendo Life

“Can Bayonetta 2 come to other consoles?” The answer is “Yes.” and it is the whole foundation to my absolutely terrible desire to have Bayonetta 2 fail as a Wii-U exclusive.

OK?  Now that we have gotten that out of the way.  Hear me out.  Am I really chomping at the bit for Bayonetta 2 to tank?  Not at all.  It sounds exactly like the game I want it to be.  It sounds… perfect. If I had a Wii-U, I would be all over that title because I am a fan of that game.  I am more than happy that it is well constructed because when I do play it, it will be a delightful well-executed romp through demon and witch-haired infested playgrounds.  What’s more to want?

Well I’m a childish self-entitled baby and I want the highest definitionest High-Def HD-supreme-sixty-frame-per-second-masterpiece I can have.  Something I will not see any time soon should this franchise have legs on a Nintendo console.

But forget my stupid, stupid motives for a second.  The real question is… will Bayonetta 2 be made available to other consoles?  WAY TOO EARLY TO KNOW! Better question is “Can Bayonetta 2 come to other consoles?” The answer is “Yes.” and it is the whole foundation to my absolutely terrible desire to have Bayonetta 2 fail as a Wii-U exclusive.  It doesn’t have to fail, but it helps.

This situation is not unlike Mass Effect appearing as if it would never be ported to Playstation 3, yet there are still serious naysayers out there who think otherwise.

“The only way Bayonetta 2 will show up on anything other than the Wii U (and maybe the 3DS) is if Nintendo spontaneously feels like doing charity work for Sony and Microsoft.” – Lucas Sullivan (

I disagree with the above statement.  It should be noted this quote was stated before the game shipped.  If the game sells through the roof, I agree with Senior Sullypants up there.  He (or she, can’t be sexist in 2014) is correct that it would be silly if Bayonetta 2, being a lucrative exclusive investment, appear on other consoles.  It would lose the appeal to own a Wii-U.

However Bayonetta 2 is not off to a great start in Japan.  If the game fails to catch on in other territories such as the UK or North America, Nintendo may just want to figure out a way to get a return as fast as possible.  Nintendo is a business. They have to deal with angry investors who do not even understand their poducts and want the company to bleed money.  This is not about what you, I or even what the Nintendo Fanboy-God Shigeru Miyamoto wants.  This is about producing dollars.  If Bayonetta 2 does not produce enough dollars within a certain amount of time, somebody somewhere will call it a loss.  Somebody somewhere else then needs to find a lawyer and accountant to crunch numbers to see if it would be worth while to port.

Then that’s it.  So for now, Bayonetta 2 on 360/PS3 or PS4/Xbox One?  Don’t hold your breath.  But the option has never not been on the table so far.

The Jaded Gamer


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