Screw you! We’ll make it anyways: When gamers make the games developers won’t.

Long ass title huh?  This is some YMB-next-level-investigative-journalism.  URNOTE! e NOS LIVES!

It is no secret that gamers can be quite the lively bunch nowadays.  In the past two years, there has been a giant shift in the attitudes of gamers everywhere.  Before, if a gamer had a level of dissatisfaction in a game or a product, he or she would probably complain a little to friends or maybe write an e-mail or letter to the developer/publisher.

In 2014, gamers demand things.  The moment Game Nation came together to make a developer change the ending of a game that polarized the community to begin with, was the moment the balance of power shifted.   Ever since then, gamers feel they are entitled to play the games they want rather than play the games developers want to make.  I’ve made no secret that this new attitude coming from gamers is not in line with my own.   I constantly grow weary from the whining gamers do over everything.  Tomb Raider becomes a timed exclusive, gamers freak out.  The Sims doesn’t have toddlers or pools and Game Nation flips out.  Gamers are way too moody these days.

HOWEVER, with developers constantly dangling the carrot of promises in front of gamers and failing to deliver, who can blame gamers for getting a little upset?  For years there have been several games that gamers are begging for and developers fail to deliver repeatedly, while trying to shove related products down our throats under the guise of “If gamers support these products, then we’ll consider making a remake for _______.”  But they never do.

Submitted for your approval are three remakes Game Nation has wanted for forever but had to make themselves because it has become obvious the developers do not actually care.  The first one on the list is readily available for download and the rest are still in development.  Here’s hoping they do not receive a cease and desist for their efforts.


Black Mesa (Half-Life total conversion)

Disappointed by the lackluster Half-Life Source, a team of rag-tag modders got together to rebuild Gordon Freeman’s initial adventure through Black Mesa and Xen.  The project boasts new visuals, choreography and voice acting to go along with the already thrilling, pulse raising fury that is the original Half-Life.

More information of this remake can be found here.

686px-HalfLife_dam [Half-Life Original]686px-Map_st6[Black Mesa]

More comparison shots of the original Half-Life and Black Mesa can be found here.

If this tickles your fancy, then you can find the download link here.  It is free and only requires the SDK for Half-Life Source. All the instructions will be on the download page.

Next up…

Re2BeneResident Evil 2: Reborn HD

Once again born out of a developer’s reluctance to do what they promised to do.   I have previously reported that Capcom has stated they would make a remake of Resident Evil 2 if they believed the support was there.

Well… considering how many people still buy Resident Evil games despite the franchise being full of more “shit” than “hit” at this point, Capcom has not kept up on their end of the bargain.  Yet again they are updating a game nobody asked for in an attempt to dangle a carrot in gamer’s faces.

Invader Games decided to take it upon themselves and make the remake we all want.  It promises to be a recreation of the original in full HD.  It isn’t clear if new vocals will be recorded, however it is clear the team is ambitious enough to tackle vocals should the need arise.  The development team’s goal is to have this be an official Capcom mod.  (Good Luck with that).

Video of the alpha is here.  Final release date is still unknown.  I highly recommend you check out the video.  Even if it is an Alpha build, it is very impressive.

Unfortunately the news on the project has stalled a little.  A promised alpha test did not materialize.  Here’s hoping!


CTHDChrono Trigger HD

Another unsanctioned remake!  Fans of Square-Enix have been waiting for this remake longer than Final Fantasy VII.  Like the Final Fantasy franchise, Square-Enix dangled the carrot of a remake for a while but everything hit a fever pitch when Chrono Resurrection was announced and then teased and then CANCELLED!

So, a group of fans took it upon themselves to go off, and stay off the grid (kinda) and only release updates via a Facebook page you can reach right here.

The creation is still in development with the development team looking for artists and coders for more excellent work.

Here are a few shots of the game’s progress.  Looking good, I must say.



Looking good no?  For all the information on this project, go here.



Mother 3…. Also known as the sequel to EarthBound.

Originally this game was to be released on the N64 and allegedly was almost complete.  It was teased a little.

Then cancelled.  Then became a Gameboy Advance title.   This announcement excited many EarthBound fans because they would finally get a chance to play the sequel to a much beloved cult title.   However, an English version would never materialize and many fans would have to rely on a fan translation of a rom and a very beautifully crafted strategy guide for this game that needs to be seen to be believed.

Developers need to remember that gamers are becoming more impatient and more tech savvy every day.  If developers wont make the games gamers want to play, it will only be a matter of time before gamers get impatient enough to make the game they want whether the developer likes it or not.   Welcome to 2014 where gamers WANT WHAT THEY WANT. PERIOD!

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