Survival Horror Primer: The Evil Within

I find that learning too much about a really great survival horror title can ruin it.  If you know too much of the plot, you might be able to speculate and ruin twists with restless anticipation.   Therefore if you’re looking for a reason to buy or play The Evil Within but don’t want significant spoilers, you’ve hit the right website.

First, Game Informer’s quote is prominently displayed on

“This is the Resident Evil 4-style follow-up we’ve been waiting for.” – Game Informer

But why is Resident Evil 4 relevant in all this you may ask.  Shinji Mikami is the Director of The Evil Within.   But who is Shinji Mikami?



You had two opportunities to click on two completely different links within his name.  You should know that answer. Snape is not pleased.

This is the box art to the game.



Yeah…. But… How does it look?

EvilWithinHasALLTHEBARBEDWIRE-620x248 EVILWITHINSCREEN the-evil-within


There is not enough dookie to produce the amount needed that could shoot into the pants.

The Evil Within coming out October 14th, 2014 on your console of choice.  (360/One … PS3/PS4  & PC)

This is all I need/want to know/see on a game like this.  I hope it freaks my beans.  I’ll give it a shot.

The Jaded Gamer



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