The wait is finally over.  Guess what was finally announced! Square-Enix has heard you loud and clear.  The Final Fantasy game you want is finally being made in full on three dimensions.  That’s 3-D. . . Three dees for your face.  Confirmed.




Come on.  I named the article “PSYCH!” because I know how crazy Game Nation can get.  And I’m pretty sure the featured image is something indicative of this being drenched in some sort of sarcasm or irony.

But for real this time…. This is official.

FF1 logo ORIGIN--article_image


“…In December Final Fantasy Explorers will launch in Japan, which will come with a download code to nab Final Fantasy on the 3DS eShop.”

“…The full release will come in January 2015, and will feature full 3D as well as the remastered art from the PSP version.”

Destructoid RE: Final Fantasy [Famitsu via Siliconera]


I hate you.

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