[EDIT: 12/09/20148:16pm EDT – I completely forgot there are A LOT more people viewing this site and new people have no clue I make up or re-appropriate words because they sound pleasing to me.  “joaquin” pronounced “Wah-Keen” is my kid friendly word for vagina.  That is crucial to the plot here.  Welcome, New viewers.  Now watch me dance for your pleasure. -J]

Sometimes I come up with ideas to write things, sometimes other people point me towards stuff.  This was passed on to me in a “What do you think of this?” sorta way.  I laughed, had a bit of a riff fest and went about my day.  Then I get a question, “You gonna write about it?” I laugh.  “No. Not my department, Sunny.” Then I hear. “You should write about it.” which sounded more like “You’re going to write about it.”   Then I hit Twitter just to make sure this all this is for real.

OK. So. Namco Bandai…. Wait… What?…

*Rubs temple* I am being told that I have to warn you that a picture which is not in fact a vagina, may resemble a vagina when you use your imagination slightly and this may be horrifying to you.

Anyways.  Namco Bandai have put up a Sailor Moon inspired wallet for sale on their website. So … Bing, Bang, Boom here’s the reason you’re here…

[Photo: Bandai Japan… or.. I guess]

It’ll cost you ¥13,500 $126 US or139.73 CDN (But they got rid of the penny so it’s really $139.75)

The Jaded Gamer

P.S. To any sickos I shattered when I revealed Sailor Moon’s Vagina was really a wallet; Good. Dreamsmasher 1 Freak 0… And death to the sickos who bought it to skeet shoot in. AM I RIGHT? Up top Jaded Gamer! New Professional low! Reporting on a wallet that looks like a Sailor Moon’s vagina if you think about it and squint! I’m out!