Destiny Impressions (Not a review)

You’ll notice things have been quiet lately.  There are three reasons for that.  Those reasons are adult hugs, oral connections and Destiny.   Let’s focus on Destiny even though It’s probably the second biggest thing in this conversation.

You are about to get a glimpse into the V.I.P room (A.K.A. My Facebook Page.)  I don’t add just anybody to facebook.   You gotta Join The Club before you can be a member of the V.I.P.  That’s the rule.  If I am not familiar with your name, I’ll ignore you.


As previously reported on Your Momma’s Basement, Bungie is offering the BEST NEXT-GEN UPGRADE DEAL OF ALL TIME!


Which I took advantage of.  So here is me on launch day.

Downloading the 360 and Xbox One versions of the game.  The game came online midnight pacific time.  This was news I did not react well to. 

Soon. The wee hours of the morning came.

I jumped in.

And discovered that I was kinda good at the game.  Not to say that I wasn’t challenged or that I didn’t have to think, but I believe that from playing the Halos, Resistances, Farcrys, Dead Islands and importantly, the Borderlands, I have acquired a certain set of skills that can be a nightmare for people like you the A.I.  So I just started ruling it and having fun because I’ve never really been noteworthy in any FPS game I’ve played past Team Fortress/1.5/Counter-Strike. That’s going way back.   SO! I got a little excited over the fact that a mission after mission could not deliver me to death.

And then, in my attempts to be funny, I jinxed myself.

I found a [??] enemy and wanted to tweet a pic of the screen to ask the community if anybody knows what level he was or if this was how I knew something was way out of my range.  It is a sensible question because the creatures “guarding” the [??] enemy were level 7. Why have he 7s there if the [??] is way over powered?  So after [??] killed me, I cried myself to sleep and started fresh in the morning.


At this point, the initial shock value of the game is wearing off.   I’m thinking more and more about what I’m doing and exactly what I’m achieving.  I gave up my vision of never dying and decided I needed to get bruised to know how to avoid getting bruised.  So I made a new character and just tried to become the best Hunter I could be.


For an example of this, checkout brief highlights of a 3 player co-op instance called “Strike Mode”  See me below the vid for breakdown and analysis of that! Be sure to turn on HD.

So, a few things other than me strapping my team to my back and dragging them to victory… (I kid, I kid, we all had fun and it was a well fought victory.) Let’s break down what you were witnessing other than “It looks kinda cool.”

1. Shoot Knights in the face.

The Knight class is bulky, well armored and carries a heavy weapon that can kill you in two to three blasts. These blasts also do splash damage.  They have one weak spot which you need to exploit. THE FACE.  Not the back of the head. Not their neck or upper torso. THE FACE. Shoot them in the face.  Do not charge them. Don’t try to stab them. Do not waste ammo trying to clip out their knees.  Take bullets and put them in their face.  If your sniper is wise enough he will get rid of Knights shortly after they enter into the battlefield.

2. Don’t charge the Captains

The Captains and Wizards come with shields.  While they are shielded, they don’t receive much if any physical damage.  Your focus needs to be spent draining the shield before you can damage them.  If you charge them, dying becomes a very viable option.  Their shield absorbs the damage you would have done to them and they destroy you with one or two well placed fusion rifle shots.  They also have the ability to teleport. They will teleport out of harms way giving them precious seconds to finish you off.  Their weakness can be exploited by having a sniper shoot their face through the shield.  It will reduce or remove the shield entirely and allow damage to be done easily.

3. Always Be Stabbin’

Hunter class! If there are only one or two enemies left on the battlefield in the class of Dregs or Acolytes, nothing as high as a Knight or a shielded Captain…. STAB THEM.  Don’t waste a bullet. Stab them. If you’re carrying a Scout Rifle, you know every bullet is essential.  If your secondary weapon is a Sniper Rifle, then you KNOW every damn bullet has to hit something.  As a hunter you are blessed with the ability to stab and throw your knife.  The knife throw comes with a cool down so you better hit that target. Work on your Abs.  Always Be Stabbin!  Don’t forget that the melee attack and throw knife button is the same.  I aim down the sights then throw my knife to ensure the best chance of hitting them.

4. Use loose cannons as bait.



What you are seeing here is actually quite amazing.  I’m standing far away from a Shielded Captain, taking down his defenses.  A squadmate decided to run in and melee attack our foe.  I realize instantly that the Captain is no longer focused on me.  I also know my squadmate has about a 5% chance of surviving this encounter.  I haven’t removed the Captain’s shield so the melee attack he is about to deliver won’t really be felt.  What do I do?  Use him as bait to distract the Captain! Hey, if he’s going to die then he may as well die being useful to me…his teammate.


I missed a Day 3 in there.  So far so good.  I’ve never been a big fan of Halo. I thought Halo was decent.  Everybody wants to know how they compare.  I think they are two separate entities.  Bungie has grown and moved on and kicked Gearbox’s Borderlands franchise in the teeth.  Destiny looks at the Borderlands franchise and does everything it tries to do (but with less loot/drops) much better.

Destiny to Borderlands:

Earth is one map, the Moon is one map, etc. etc.  Very similar to Borderlands’ regions except you load into Earth and that’s it.  No more loading. Earth would be the size of 3,4 or more of Borderlands’ regions, to be fair.   Every map is substantial despite feeling simply like a chunk of real estate.  When you go to Earth, it’s just an area of Russia.  When you go to the moon, it is just one part of the moon.  Each mission takes place on a different part and sometimes you revisit parts you visited in other missions, but most of the time if you’re paying attention, you realize about 50% of each level doesn’t exist on the surface.  Significant portions of levels are tucked away within buildings, underground and off the beaten path.  The same areas Borderlands would make you transition and load into are found with ease and simplicity in Destiny.

Comparing Destiny and Borderlands is very apt.  Their main difference is that Destiny is more focused on being a better game than it is a gimmick.  Borderlands is about loot. Only loot.  Yeah your characters are fun, but there isn’t THAT much to upgrade on them or customize.  You play Borderlands to have the best Guns, shield and special ability augmentation.  You’re going to play Destiny for the skill and thrill of hunting/grinding for glory!  Finding new weapons and armor isn’t extremely rare but getting ones that you will want to use, is. Once you fall in love with a gun in Destiny… It’s a relationship.

So far so good Destiny, I’m liking it.

Now I have to go write about Sailor Moon’s Vagina… or something.

The Jaded Gamer.

PS. I play Destiny on 360 and Xbox One … Hopefully in the near future on PS3 and by year’s end on PS4.  My tag is “IamFN2K” without the quotes… tell me you love Co-op and guarantee I will not ignore you.



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