Capcom is F**kin’ up!: Resident Evil Edition.

I feel as though Capcom is losing touch with gamers.  I don’t think they suck as a company or anything.  I just believe they are kind of full of shit and spend a great amount of time tripping on their own dicks in the dark.

Too harsh?

Fans are so sick of waiting, they opted to make the game themselves.

Well, you see, back in 2012, I had heard grumblings about Resident Evil 2 possibly getting the HD treatment, which excited me because that is my favorite out of the 32-bit trilogy.  When Capcom says they will make the HD update if fan support is there, it proves how blind they are to everything in the first place.   One of the best ways to gauge interest in a series in 2012 is to bundle your previous work together, spit on it, shine it and call it an HD Trilogy or an Anthology.  $19.99 – for every single version of PSOne Era RE games…. Resident Evil 1 – 3…. The Directors cuts… The dualshock editions…. with the filters, without the filters, with commentary.  I dunno, get creative. Capcom could literally take all 3 games, shot for shot and replace the models with something more current to keep the classic feel but update the visuals.  Now you can charge $50-$60 for the package.  I mean, they did the Devil May Cry trilogy. But strangely ignored Onimusha which needs an HD Anthology.  In addition to failing to produce any way to gauge the market, they strangely let this project go on without any problems. The Resident Evil 2 Reborn, project is a fan made version of Resident Evil 2.

Simply put: Fans are so sick of waiting, they opted to make the game themselves.

When was the last time Resident Evil was deliciously good and not “All things considered, it was surprisingly good.”? Don’t say Resident Evil Revelations.  That was a dark horse intended to be filler.  Resident Evil 6 ended up being a remarkable departure and slight disappointment.  Resident Evil 5, even in it’s brightest moments still lacked a lot of the things that were compelling and eerie about 4 despite being based heavily on it.  Resident Evil hasn’t had that one clutch title since RE4.   They will just recycle ANY sure fire hit they had in an effort to remind you they know what they are doing.  So prediction.

They will put out Resident Evil Revelations 2 which will be satisfying and drum up a lot of anticipation for another Resident Evil title, perhaps resident Evil 7.  But RE7 will be garbage.  However, they will release Resident Evil Jill Sandwich Edition.  Which will be Resident Evil 1, 3 the DLC from 5 and Revelations.  Fans will eat it up and Capcom will breathe a sigh of relief and think, “Phew! We didn’t have to remake Resident Evil 2”

At this point, it definitely looks like Capcom would rather spend more money to remake a remake than remake RE2.  They would rather create brand new games from scratch or make a sequel to a spin-off franchise starring the exact protagonist you want from Resident Evil 2, Claire Redfield.  Capcom is either fumbling in the dark or pure evil.  It’s like they are dangling the idea of Resident Evil 2 in our faces constantly, pulling it away and then proclaiming, “Resident Evil 2? Never heard of it.  Now come, let us talk about Lickers, Umbrella’s secret underground laboratories and the G-Virus.  Let us start with the relationship Claire has with Sherry.”

This entire situation puts fans of Capcom in a catch-22.  In order to prove to Capcom the support for Resident Evil 2 is there, they have to buy everything that says “Resident Evil” on it whether they like it or not.  I’ve gone on record saying simply doing an HD remake of a remake was not good enough.

I stand by it.   At least do all three and slap them on one blu-ray.  That is a guaranteed sale.  I don’t see what the trepidation is.  Who among the Resident Evil faithful wouldn’t pre-order and sleep in a line for a chance to buy a disc with the original trilogy HDed out on it.   You could sell each game separately for $40 a pop and I doubt many people would lose their minds as long as they came out simultaneously. $90 for the trilogy or $40 for each game.  If Capcom wants to pull huge boss moves, they can get huge boss returns.  All it takes is a bold move.  Making an HD trilogy out of Resident Evil is a boss move.

Hell, if they throw out an HD update of Onimusha, wouldn’t everybody be all over that?  There’s an untapped market Capcom keeps overlooking or (inadvertently?) abusing within the Resident Evil community.   Resident Evil Revelations 2 could be the game that puts them back to prime time or forces them a little closer to exhile.

But that might just be me.

The Jaded Gamer



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