Eating Crow: Wii-U Edition

Crow is very chewy.  It’s not a taste I’m ever going to get used to so thankfully I won’t have to consume it too often.  However, in this case, I’m more than content to admit I may have jumped the gun when it comes to the Wii-U.   So let me dig into some crow!


Bayonetta 2

I do believe, initially my reaction was “I hope it tanks!” and I may have gone off on rants several times over how I believe this game being Wii-U exclusive is a seriously bad move.   I had motive for saying that stuff.  You see, should Bayonetta 2 tank really super hard, it is not out of the question for the developer to think of or work out some contract shenanigans to get the game ported over to PS3/PS4 360/Xbox One tech.   It can’t tank slightly.  Nintendo may decide to find other ways to make money off it. Nintendo is really good at spinning stuff.  If Bayonetta 2 ATE DIRT, then even Nintendo would want to figure out a way to get their hands in a port. When it comes to games coming out on a console in the “exclusive” sense, gamers need to remember that Sonic was only exclusive to a Sega system for so long.  Mario on a Sony platform? Unlikely for sure but “Impossible” is something that is dictated by the current marketplace.  SO! If Bayonetta 2 really tanked amazingly hard, somebody, somewhere would be a major idiot if they decided to eat the loss instead of trying to figure out a way to port it.   But I’ve seriously turned around on it.

Bayonetta 2? Wii-U exclusive? Genius.  This isn’t the sole reason to own a Wii-U, but this is the type of game that seals the deal for the M rated gamer.  Once you start coupling Bayonetta 2 with a few other Wii-U titles, this console starts finding a bit of a niche that may tap into the nostalgia fans of survival horror had with the Gamecube. . . But more to chew.

I think Bayonetta 2 will sell slowly and do well enough over the entire console cycle.  They may even re-release it as a greatest hits bundled with whatever stupid costumes they put on her.

Then there is this….
Fatal Frame

Fatal Frame: Black Haired Shrine Maiden

Nintendo locked this one up too, once again cornering a bit of the niche gamers out there.  Fatal Frame has always been a slightly different survival horror experience. It is less action and more cerebral chills.  There is a general feel of trepidation when playing these games.  In fact if you’ve played or even heard about that scary P.T demo… That is the general feel of an entire Fatal Frame game. It’s just spooky throughout.

Nintendo knows that this is a franchise mature gamers adore.  If they snag up the Yakuza series, they’d be one more move away from securing a definite purchase for me. I don’t know what magic Nintendo is working or if Sony and Microsoft are too stupid to give these games a chance or what but between Bayonetta 2 and Fatal Frame, Wii-U is doing something right.



This game may not even see the light of day.  It just sounds neat.  It was originally supposed to come out for the Wii but was cancelled.

The plot revolves around a mother protecting her blind son after a train derailment.  The plot was rumored to touch on things like narcolepsy and schizophrenia. At this point I just want to see it in action and I’m sold.

Everybody else has their Nintendo developed interests for the Wii-U… which was fine.  Back in the day you didn’t have to love Nintendo franchises to love the Nintendo.  Now you do. Nintendo used to have 3rd party developers on their nuts, now they don’t.

Bold exclusives like Sadness, Fatal Frame 5 and Bayonetta 2 are some of the best ways to invite the so-called “Mature Gamer” into the Wii-U fold. And while you’re here, here’s Mario Maker, Smash Bros and Mario Kart. SURPRISE! You forgot you love Nintendo.

The Jaded Gamer


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