Destiny (Digital) Upgrade Nails it!

Something special will happen if you purchase the digital version of Destiny on a last-gen console (PS3/Xbox 360).   You will get the next-gen digital version for free when you go to upgrade.  That’s right!  When you buy the digital version of Bungie’s next triple A title, Destiny, on a last-gen system, for a limited time you will be allowed to download the current-gen version for your PS4/Xbox One depending on the console family you originally purchased it from.  Check out the specifics below.


Still confused? Don’t worry.  The official website for the upgrade has all the answers in their F.A.Q section! Head on over and familiarize yourself with the offer.

I’m The Jaded Gamer and you’ll see me in Destiny on 360 for a bit then the Xbox One under the tag “IamFN2K” feel free to add me for co-op fun times!

The Jaded Gamer


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