Xbox One launched in Japan, you say?

News is rolling in regarding Japan’s Xbox One launch and it does not look very reassuring.  Sites like Yahoo, Gamespot and Kotaku are reporting the lackluster launch enthusiasm over Microsoft’s nine month old baby.

Source-GameSparkChannel[Photo: GameSparkChannel]

It looked like it started off well with a bit of enthusiasm but all that energy must’ve stayed inside the building because this next photo seems to be the norm all the streets of Japan have been left with.

Photo: DC]

See… Shitshow.

Uralanyan[Photo: Uralanyan]

Here’s a great one.  People walking right by the V.I.P launch line.

If you’re interested in more empty street photos, then hit up Kotaku’s article on the topic.  Here at YMB, we’re more fascinated by this happy guy below.

Photo: Siteqube]

Look how happy the guy on the right is!  He’s ecstatic.  Though he definitely looks like one of the guys in the first picture.  But that’s racist so let us just assume that he and his buddy are the first and second (and by the looks of it, the only) Xbox One owners in Japan.

Good luck overseas Microsoft!  Game On!

The Jaded Gamer



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