Developers Master Troll Pirates.

Sims 4 has been released to much anticipation, especially for pirates who either need to satisfy their need to steal things or for those who are simply mad pools and toddlers aren’t there at launch.   In an effort to thwart or at least make life harder for piracy, EA inserted a nifty feature to their critically acclaimed franchise.

ForbesSource[Photo: Forbes]


Amazing. That dual/quad core beast you have running that thing rendered useless by a filter.  EA tossed in the piracy exclusive feature of being ONLY playable via pixelation.  So after you spend dozens of minutes making sure your starting Sim looks how you want them to… Pixels from heaven is the end result.

First of all, I love anti-piracy measures like these.  In the past it has been authentication software which may impact system performance or show up as trojans/viruses to scanners.  Things weren’t fun.  I like these though.

EA is no stranger to inserting cruel anti-piracy measures.  They have before with Mirror’s Edge created by the extremely talented folks at DICE.  Mirror’s Edge is a game where speed and momentum play a role in moving through the space.  Within the environment of the game, the player’s aim is always to be moving forward with as much speed as possible.  Knowing this crucial game mechanic, EA drops this into the pirated version of the launch version of the game.

[Source: James Quave]

That’s amazing and I want the replay of the first guy who did it because that is priceless.

There are other examples of developers doing things of this nature to slow down pirates such as GTA IV’s wobbly camera or the super scorpion from hell in Serious Sam 3.   The one below is by far the best yet most least effective way to combat piracy, but it hurts the absolute worst.   Check out APE/Nintendo who created EarthBound intentionally crashing, forcing a reset and deleting all your saves.


Pure evil.

So maybe don’t pirate… as much?

The Jaded Gamer


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