Backlog Infinite Plays Dishonored

It’s Game Over for the Backlog Infinite trio of Novah, Wes and Jaded Gamer when it comes to Dishonored.  What did they think of this acclaimed diamond in the rough?

Dishonored: Disc 1:
The Energizer Slumberbunny’s Sticky French Box

Novah, Wes and Jaded discuss the first portion of Arkane’s stealth adventure, Dishonored. (Note: Apologies for the slight subpar sound quality.)

Dishonored: Disc 2:
Aggregated Hipster Bullshizzle

Novah, Wes and Jaded all converge on the same point about this critically acclaimed diamond in the rough, praised for it’s open ended gameplay. We’ll see about that.

The crew is knee deep in the Walking Dead Season 1.  Join us soon on a new adventure.



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