Jaded Says: We’re all in love with Anita Sarkeesian

I am not here to debate, attack or defend Anita Sarkeesian. She’s a woman with an opinion that has people talking. Unfortunately there is too much attention on the negative things being thrown at her.  That is a shame. However, no matter whether you are on her side, disagree or shit bricks at the mere mention of her name, I think we’re overlooking one thing.

We are all in love with Anita Sarkeesian!

We are all in love with this woman! Hell, I think I might be in love with her considering the amount of time I spent familiarizing myself with her before I decided to open my mouth with an opinion on her (MESSAGE!). I operate in a different way I guess. Let me put it like this.  When I saw the outrage Anita received, I naturally assumed she stabbed puppies for a living. So I googled her.
A-N-I-T-A  K-A-R-D-A
A-N-I-T-A   C-A-L-R-I
A-N-I-T-A   S-A-R-K-E-E-S-I-A-N

*Looks up*
Now I get it.  Ya’ll got the hottie hots for her! But because you think she’s ninja slicing the games you love, you can’t admit it. She sits there for 5, 10, 15 minutes giving you a completely different perspective on the same thing you experienced and your universe divided as your heart and mind collided.  With the gamers left unguided for so many troubled years in a cloud of doubts and fears, their world was torn asunder into holloooow HEM-IS-SPHE-RES!

A friend of mine said that gaming culture is in a “college freshman” phase. I would dismiss that point but the person who said it is really smart and always makes sense. So I thought about it and I think there is some logic to it so hear me out. I hope my mystery friend would agree.  I wish Freshman Game Culture(TM) was more this…

And less this..

date rape drug

Because we all want this..


Admit it.  We’re in love with her.  To the people on her side, you love the fire in her belly and the passion in conveying a point of view you feel is either marginalized or overlooked.  To the people who freak out on her, you love the way she gives you something to talk about. She’s passionate, you’re passionate. It’s the unstoppable force meeting the immovable object and something’s gotta give. Something’s gotta give. OOOOH WEEE! Something’s. Gotta. Give.  You love the way she gets you going and it masquerades around as hate.  Do not be fooled.

I don’t understand why we don’t admit we’re in love with this woman on all sides.

Isn’t there an understanding that the female population on the development side needs some encouragement for growth? I’m pretty sure that part is numbers and can’t be argued. The other half is I thought there was a general understanding, for the sake of women, there needs to be more counterbalance to this…

I’m very visual this time out because I’m hearing way too many complaints excuses regarding people’s failures in life because they are “visual learners”.

Quiet (that lady above) is apparently here to stay. Kick and scream, she isn’t going anywhere. Why? (Because we love her too.) We don’t know why yet? We trust that Kojima, despite her appearance will yank us on an emotional rollercoaster and we may even shed a tear for her.  But she’s presented the way she is and women are getting tired of seeing it.  That’s no reason to be so mean to them. I’m pretty sure that if a few decades of games featuring men’s dicks getting chopped off I’d be all “WHAT IS WITH THIS FRIGGEN OBSESSION WITH CHOPPING OFF MY NAUGHTY BITS?” .. “Well you see, it’s all about the artistry and the imagery of emasculating you through which you think …”  “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH! I DON’T NEED TO KEEP SEEING MY DICK IN A GRINDER!!!”

It’s as simple as that to a woman by now (I’m guessing).  They don’t care. They just want to stop seeing the same stuff they’ve seen for a long time and the impatience has lead us to Anita Sarkeesian, who we in fact love or at least are obsessed with because we just can’t seem to ignore her.

If her point is there is way too much misogyny in the game space and there is a giant, scary and threatening backlash of misogyny didn’t she just win?  To prove her wrong, shouldn’t we say “No, you’re wrong. We love you so much and the space is filled with so much acceptance. You got consumed by the darkness but it is ok, you’re home now. We just baked cookies.”

Maybe I’ll get flame for this because it seems like I’m defending her. Maybe I am a little. But this is not a defense because I agree or disagree with her. At this point it is closer to Pashtunwali if anything.

Stay Jaded My Friends

The Jaded Gamer.


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