Throwing Spitballs (At The Cool Kids) #001:


DISCLAIMER: The same people who would argue with me are the ones who have meaningful conversations with TV static and radio silence.

Current Crush: Jade Raymond, All hail Queen Jade, Mother of the Assassin’s Creed. Why did she replace my former crush, a Ms. Zoe Hawkins from Jade’s just Jade man. You don’t question the awesome. You simply let it happen and bathe in the happiness thereafter.  Oh maybe this had something to do with it.

(She’s awesome, *Blushes*)

On to the spitballing.

Pause.  Quiet your judgemental mind and unleash your inner sarcasm.


01-07-2014 8-45-50 PM

I feel like this is self explanatory.  She’s playing a former undercover FBI agent of exceptional talent. . . . Don’t act like I’m reacting as if this were Heath Ledger and The Dark Knight.

But to my haters I say ‘nay-nay’ and point to me defending Nintendo this week.


You see, the short story is basically their shareholders can be a bunch of dicks with one of them admitting he doesn’t understand video games or Nintendo’s focus on them.

Then this happened…


And the irony had been stated so many times but Fox didn’t get it. So I thought I could sum it up in 140 characters or less for this quick soundbyte world we live in.

Isn’t that really what’s going on here? I mean, you can’t just bust out a swastika like it is a good thing. And I had a moment of “How dare you put the Statue of Liberty in there.” All sorts of ignorance and wrong.  They don’t even care.  But this is something you kind of expect from them.

Speaking of expecting something and a corporation receiving the reaction they deserve.  E.A. Made a Boo Boo and got some reaction. In my opinion they deserved some of it. Here’s mine.


I was just saying, if you’re just going to fuck me out of nowhere, at least make me feel wanted. Lord knows there were a chunk of people that reacted to this like I just chained a woman to the stove.

You see, out of nowhere, I saw this.  I didn’t bother to google it or anything.  I saw it and reacted.  Because this is the type of thing people think EA would do. EA is pretty dirty with microtransactions and always get criticism for them. Yet, they remain dedicated to them. I’ve told gamers to stop buying their games and all that until they reevaluate their financial strategy. I get it, it is tough to boycott a company that publishes or develops a lot of the shitty games you like to play.  I mean, you don’t think they will be shitty when you want them, and then you play them and you were like “EA, got me again. Fuckers.”  Anyways, Until the next round of spitballing brings us together.


The Jaded Gamer.


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