Throwing Spitballs (At The Cool Kids) #000

REAL ACTUAL DISCLAIMER: I fully admit I’m an idiot. I’m just cracking wise on a Facebook page mainly to people who know I’m probably not that serious.  At worst, I’m commenting directly at something that is so ridiculous it may have needed to be said anyways.  I mainly stick to video games because that demographic is A) easy to enrage and B) easy to laugh at.  I poke fun at everything. But being “The Jaded Gamer” you kinda get pigeonholed.I tend to poke fun lightly at lighter topics.. but most of my energy is focused on those that are either enraged, misinformed or way too passionate about something I think is standard or sub-par.   Let me ease you into this thing gently… Keep in mind, these are some pretty awesome people I’m talking about.



Opinions are fun. That is a fact. Opinions are like assholes, everybody’s got one. Another fact. But I’m the only asshole here and I have plenty opinions for you to blatantly disregard until it gets on your nerves. . . Again… much like your asshole. Let us get started.

Current Industry Crush: Zoe Hawkins

Reason: She’s awesome. She’s inquisitive and willing to see both sides of a lot of issues. Plus she seems pretty fun and laidback.

Former Crush: Jade Raymond

Reason: She put out my favorite series of all time.  She’s definitely worked hard to even have it exist on top of getting to the position of where she is sitting now. All hail Queen Jade. She’s the teacher in whose classroom I would never toss a ball of spit in.  I’m kinda ashamed I’m doing this in the first place with a world like her in it. I have retired her from my Crush because there are other amazing women out there that I think are great too, so let’s give em all a chance to be loved.

Crush Rule: All crushes are shielded from my lunacy because they warm my heart and mind.


Sometimes I am playful…


Sometimes I think a game gets a little too much backlash…regardless.


…for too long…


This one has a few moving parts.

A) Kojima on twitter keeps talking how good his friggen game is. Of course that’s what you’re going to say, but without a release date you’re kind of just giving yourself a really slow handjob.
B) I’m no Hollywood director, but I’m absolutely sure Kojima is not on the level “Dostoyevsky, Stanley Kubrick, and Caravaggio” Just no.. calm down now.
Soooo.. I said something.


Sometimes I get why you’re mad but I still throw a spitball because you’re too mad.


And finally… I do what some people do but with a different headline.


Then 2-3 statuses get erased and then I may or may not tear this one down. Sometimes I leave it up as a reminder. Never forget.

And that’s how you throw spitballs at cool kids.  Generally you miss and hit a wall. Eventually you’ll make a mess of something or some one.

The Jaded Gamer.


Yeah, that’s pretty much it.


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