Name: The Jaded Gamer

At an undisclosed location, The Jaded Gamer (ME) sat down with Tarangela and hustled her out of her shares of YourMommasBasement.  All previous staff of have foot prints and door marks on their behinds. I look to the future and if any previous staff member had a problem I would just ask “Why you bringin’ up old shit?”

My new title here at YMB is King & Undisputed Ruler.  CEO has some negative sound to it.  It also sounds like this is some democracy.  Hail, Hydra?  Hail deez nuts,

YMB’s first project is taking the Podcast “Backlog Infinite” and pitching the absolute shit out of it.  Later on space will clear for Hero Mission Zero: Origin Begins Rising – Which will be a showpiece for YMB.  Jaded’s off the sauce and back up in that ass! Stay tuned.

The website is about to change.

King & Undisputed Ruler
The Jaded Gamer


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