The holidays are a scary time


Its that wonderful time of the year! A time when people jump off bridges, eat too much fruit cake (no one even likes fruit cake!!) and bleed from biting their tongues when they visit family. Sorry I’m being such a Debbie Downer, but it seems like the older I get, the less special and more depressing the holidays become.
Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Christmas. I love the whole atmosphere, spending time with loved ones and stuffing my face. Even though its a very pleasant time for me, I’m noticing more its the worst time for others. There is such a divide that it becomes harder to get excited every year. It makes me sad that the tragedy that comes with Christmas, overshadows the amount of good and joy it brings too.
People volunteer a lot of their time to make others feel loved and that in itself is something to celebrate.
There’s of course the insanity of gifts that has never changed. Parents so desperately don’t want their children to feel disappointed on Christmas they kill. There is always at least one death on back Friday. Can someone explain this to me? Just do what my parents did, disappoint us BEFORE Christmas so our expectations are low. Of course I’ve been disappointed as a kid too but that’s part of growing up. I didn’t grow up thinking my parents didn’t love me so don’t worry about it! Your kids will still love you if you don’t get them an XBox One. Its a $500 machine. They’ll understand if they don’t get it… Eventually.
All in all, I think if we stay positive and calm the fuck down a little, we can keep the holiday spirit alive and have the “peace on earth” talk be a little more believable.


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