A plea to Ford supporters

Chaos in Toronto! 


The world and their dogs have heard about our mayor, Rob Ford. It’s getting way out of hand. Not only everyday do we find  new disgusting stories about this guy, but what is even more crazy (in my opinion) are the Ford supporters! It’s complete lunacy! Are these people telling us that they would fully support a criminal mayor as long as he saves them a few bucks?

Don’t get me wrong, he has done some good things BUT COMMON!! He hasn’t done anything so great that makes me want him as my mayor. The fact is, he is the face of Toronto. Michael Phelps was the face of Frosted Flakes and he was fired for smoking weed. Rob Ford smoked crack, drove drunk – fuck it, I don’t have time to list all the shit he’s done, he still gets to keep his job! That’s crazy! Any other job, he would have been fired faster than fire starts – no matter how amazing he was at his job. I don’t care if Rob Ford brought Unicorns to Toronto or made a subway system so advanced Tokyo is impressed, he needs to go. 

Ford supporters, I beg you, turn the other way. Without your support, he will step down. He needs to go away and get help. If you actually cared about this man you would want him to get help. Instead you cheer him on, say you’ll forgive and forget and give him his own show??? WHAT IS HAPPENING!?!?!?!? You know things are bad when America, the home of slavery, guns and Florida, look at Toronto and thinks, “you guys are fucked up”? Something needs to happen.

Note: America, I love you. I just kid.

I’m watching live footage of City Hall and it’s a circus. The man is clearly not of sound mind. He’s acting like a lunatic running up and down taking photos, making wise cracks and I’ve only watched five minutes of it. His own brother is telling him to knock it off while he’s in mid sentence of defending him! 

At first it was shocking (sort-of), funny, crazy, sad and now it just needs to end. Stop the madness. We’re better than this. Please, let him go. 


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